COS.TV versus LBRY.TV and wich is the best


By Makingdigital | makingdigitals | 15 Jan 2021

I have been registered with COS.TV for several weeks and uploading my YouTube videos to their platform. I found it interesting since it offers a system similar to that of LBRY.TV but more focused on the Spanish-speaking community.

I wanted to tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of COS.TV in what I have with them at the moment. I imagine that someone more veteran on this website will be able to give a better version of the platform.

At COS.TV we receive rewards for watching videos (POP). These POPs are Points of no value that are used to enter raffles and play slots. To win them we have to stay with the video in the active window, we cannot leave it in the background so it takes time from working with other platforms. Every day that we enter the platform, we are given the possibility to claim POP and to open a treasure chest that almost always gives us POP.

In these chests you can get Ethereum, USDT and Bitcoin but for them to come out you have to buy them. Each of these chest is worth 10 COS. The COS is the token of the platform. Participate in the exchange and we can buy or sell it through Binance if we want.

When we upload a video, people can help us by voting for our video. These votes are given in the form of VEST. Each VEST represents a COS. People who vote for our video can select the amount of VEST that it contributes to us. These VESTs can be exchanged for COS from the same platform.


From my point of view, it is a platform more focused on the Latin American public. Videos mostly about humor, entertainment and lifestyle. They are the best positioned. In LBRY.TV I have achieved much better performance with less effort.

In COS.TV I have already uploaded more than 10 videos and I have barely made 0.02 dollars. I consider that the reach of the videos is minimal, until you create a good community. We can't rule out page engagement. Most of the people who come to COS.TV are to do the daily reward and leave.

They do not plan to vote for videos and spend the few COS they have on other users. I would stay with LBRY.TV without a doubt but because it is more focused on the Crypto world. Although its algorithm has greatly reduced the positioning of the videos. Before was better.

That said, if you want to repost the videos on COS.TV, that's fine, but for now, at least I don't know it, it's difficult to take advantage of it.

The only way is to buy treasure boxes with COS, as this is the only way to get Ethereum and USDT which are the most attractive. Each box has a cost of 10 COS and I find it difficult to get them unless you spend many hours watching videos.


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