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Ampleforth the Token Defi Fighting Inflation

By Makingdigital | makingdigitals | 31 Dec 2020

The determination of the fiduciary system has led to the emergence of new initiatives focused on new cryptographic spaces open to originality, transparency and independence. The idea of ​​offering an alternative that does not concentrate a rigid scheme and that allows to exploit the entire adjacent technological arm in the crypto movement is maximized with decentralized finance (DeFi’s). Under this starting point, each idea meets the essential requirements that drive this expanding universe.

A response to this change that the DeFi wants to propose can be seen in the Ampleforth project (AMPL), an initiative that relies on technology to correct the defects that can be seen in continuous emission systems. The mere need for the intervention of an instrument that can moderate the value of a currency helps its acceptability and usability as a unit of account in the exchange of value. AMPL relies on smart contracts to schedule their execution when there is a variation in supply and / or demand.

The similarity of AMPL with the dollar is just a matter of numbers, this token can have a variation in its value that is balanced by contracting when demand demands a lot from the price or releasing the supply when there is a need to rise. The priority is to respect and not to speculate, which is why it makes this native Ampleforth token follow parameters of respect and transparency, at the same time that it demands dominance in decentralization.

As an ERC-20 token, its existence is managed on the Ethereum blockchain, but its development environment traces a different path to that of this platform, its innovation makes its elasticity a point of originality in this growing and quite competitive environment.

For those who only repeat the same looking for something different, the future is uncertain, for AMPL and its way of achieving personal economy is promising, remembering that we are in a race against time under an increasingly closer and more real adoption. May it grow stronger as we see the disappointing anecdotes and corrections of a world that is already changing but desperately seeking to drag the same techniques of domination and financial destruction of circulating units of account into this new world.

AMPL is that response to the inflationary and deflationary effects that already threaten our exchange system and that, due to factors that disguise reality, such as QE, we do not perceive that these effects already flood our pockets and dump the little that remains of the currencies themselves and tickets.

Cryptocurrencies have another flank in DeFi that represents them and part of that movement is due to those projects that arise from ingenious needs and that give a totally different response to what we have. AMPL will undoubtedly give a lot to talk about and adoption will be taken by this token in the front row.

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