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20% more Mining Tokens in Betfury

By Makingdigital | makingdigitals | 23 Jan 2021

Within the Tron Blockchain we have two casinos that for me are the best that we are going to find. One is Rocketgame that I previously featured in another article and the second is Betfury.

Betfury recently incorporated the Ethereum cryptocurrency. At Betfury we can boxes using Ethereum and Bitcoin with which we will obtain considerable profits. The most interesting boxes are available from rank 2.

I wanted to highlight this week Betfury's limited promotion of farming 20% ​​more BFG tokens. These tokens help us to obtain profits from the pool every day, just by having them in possession. To increase the amount of BFG tokens, we will have to bet Ethereum and Bitcoin. Until the end of January we will be able to mine 1.2 BFG tokens instead of 1 token.

The goal of any investor is to earn daily dividends and Betfury is a great opportunity. It is worth mentioning that it is a casino, most likely you will end up losing part of your capital. Think well your strategy if you want to take advantage of Betfury. At the moment their mining and the dividends they give us for Staking their tokens is excellent.

Naturally, if we place bets with TRX, we also earn tokens of this cryptocurrency. With any currency you are going to mine tokens.

You can start NOW:


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