How much can you make playing RollerCoin?

By OTcrypto | Makingcrytpofun | 15 Mar 2022

On my crypto journey I have looked at ways to make extra bits without putting my own money into it. Last week I read an article on here about Rollercoin and it peaked my interest so I created an account and in this blog post I will review how my first week or so has gone.

Rollercoin is an online mining simulator which by its own words won't make you rich! But it is a fun way to play some basic games and slowly build up your mining power to earn parts of real life cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance! The set up is really simple, you play games to win power which in turn mines cryptos which you can either eventually cash out when you have mined enough or use to buy mines which can mine at a higher rate and in return build up your crypto wallet! The games are super simple and take only a minute or two to complete and the more power you mine the more of each block you are rewarded, each mined block takes about 10 minutes so you get a steady flow of rewards even when you aren't playing. Many people invest small amounts of Bitcoin or Ethereum to allow them to purchase miners straight away but I wanted to see how easy it would be to invest nothing and get some sort of returns!

This is an example of a game.


Another great thing about rollercoin is it is super easy to use on your phone so allows you to play while on the train or just sat on your phone! 

So far I have mined:

  • RLT (The ingame crypto used to purchase miners) - 0.19546
  • Bitcoin - 0.0000000265
  • Ethereum - 0.00000213
  • Binance - 0.00003508

You can see that although these are only tiny amounts this is without any real investment so hopefully over time I will be able to purchase some miners and increase my mining abilities, increasing my rewards and allowing me to withdraw some real world cryptocurrencies!

If you are interested follow this link - and you will gain 1000 Satoshi!!



Let me know if you are going to join me in my mining adventure?!

Happy Mining Everyone :)

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