Low risk ways of making bank

Low risk ways of making bank

By Hotline | Making crypto work | 26 Feb 2021

When it comes to crypto - or stocks, for that matter - there always is a certain level of risk connected to your investment. Since the market usually does go up when you look at it long term, the best way to reduce the risk of losing out on your investment is to buy and hold until you hit your goal.


However, there are quite a few ways of increasing your gains, while keeping the risk level low. I will share some of the methods down below:

  • Stake - find the projects you believe in, and find the best possible place to stake them on. Make sure to stick to reliable sites however. A small extra gain is not worth your peace of mind! As I touched on in this post even a seemingly small apy can turn some nice profits if you get the interest paid out in a rapidly growing coin. And if you would have held on to the coin either way, there really is no down side to it.
  • One more way of making a few % is to watch for the new listings on an exchange. Right after the listing the coin almost always pumps a bit. If you buy the minute it becomes available and sell shortly after you can get a nice sum. Here you have to control yourself, don't go chasing for a huge 10x pay out. Get your 20% gain and put it into something you believe in. This method has a higher level of risk than just staking!
  • At last I would like to tell you about two binance specific methods. One is the launchpad - where you give liquidity to a new project, and get a reward payed out in the coin of the said project. It's practically risk free, but the apy fluctuates depending on how many people are doing it.
  • And the other one is BETH/ETH trading. When the rate goes above 1.0 it quite literally is free money since binance offers a 1:1 conversion. Read up on it in my other post here.

In case I have sparked your interest with the binance only possibilities, I would like to use the chance to post my referral link for binance, as there currently is a new "invite a friend" program running, where if you register with the link and deposit 50 usd using a visa/mastercard credit or debit card, both you and I get 5 usd.



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Making crypto work
Making crypto work

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