Make money in Crypto Opportunities 2 – Telegram Bots
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Make money in Crypto Opportunities 2 – Telegram Bots

Today I want to introduce to you another form of earning some crypto; Telegram bots.

Bots can be programmed for many different purposes, in this case, these bots were created to reward users for performing certain tasks. There are three ways you can earn crypto with these telegram bots. You can earn by visiting sites, answering Message Bots, or Joining telegram chat groups.

The bots that I am currently using are:

LTC Click Bot pays in Litecoin.

ZEC Click Bot pays in Zcash.

BCH Click Bot pays in Bitcoin Cash.

DOGE Click Bot pays in Dogecoin.

BTC Click Bot pays in Bitcoin.

DOGE Click Bot

When visiting sites, you have to stay on each site for as short as 10 seconds in order to collect. For the case of message bots you just have to message the bot and forward the reply to the clickbot in order to collect. Joining channels will require that you stay subscribed to the channel for a minimum of 1 hour, the bot will tell you just how long.

There is an option where you can see your balance, when you click there you come to another menu.

LTC Click Bot Balance

Here you can withdraw the amount collected and transfer it to your wallet.

There are some minimum amounts for withdrawals:

LTC Click Bot has a minimum of 0.00040000 LTC.

ZEC Click Bot has a minimum of 0.00035000 ZEC.

BCH Click Bot has a minimum of 0.0001 BCH.

DOGE Click Bot has a minimum of 4 DOGE.

BTC Click Bot has a minimum of 0.00003000 BTC.

Now, how do these bots make money? They do so by selling advertising. Each link that you get paid for has been paid by a sponsored, and the bot’s administrators get paid every time you follow a link or join a channel or write to a message bot.

As in the case of the Crypto faucets we saw before, this business model can not sustain huge payments.

What kind of profits may you expect?

In the case of the Litecoin Click Bot, it may take you 2 days to reach the minimum payment amount of 0.0004 LTC, about a penny and a half of US Dollar at current valuations. That’s not much, but once again, considering how little effort is required it may just be worth a try.

If you want to give it a try just click on any of the links above to load the bot for the crypto coin you that interests you.

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