Hello and welcome

Hello guys and welcome to my blog.

I am very new to the whole blogging thing but have been hanging around crypto for most of its life , unfortunately I have never really had capital to get started in anything that's big or scary,but its not all bad news!

During this time I have had the chance to view the good the bad and the darn right ugly sites that offer free crypto to people like you and me, ok I hear you say its all a scam nobody gives away free money at one point I would of just agreed with you and moved on ...but like you must know if your reading this not all are bad ,take this platform for instance PublishOX just one of the good sites that are out there , that pay on time and don't mess you about

So the business end , over the next few days I intend to share all the sites I use that pay well or fairly 

Also obviously I will share the ones that don't as well ,I might find myself in a lawsuit but if it saves one person from the experience its well worth it 

Thanks for reading this first instalment , be sure to follow as not to miss any of the good sites or the darn right ugly ones ,who knows I might save you some time and effort 


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Father of 6 ,interested in crypto and its possibilities ,trying to get on the ladder avoiding scams and huge layouts

Make money online for begginers
Make money online for begginers

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