Dualmine promo 2 year anniversary



Hello everybody today I found this, and all the reviews and such point to it being real 

Trust pilot rating and CEO name and company address published ,may be worth some time to check it out,honestly I don't know if to trust the reviews ,maybe if some of you already heard about these guys maybe you could share your information in the comments 

So dualmine (link at bottom) looks like another scammy cloud mining site , maybe it is , I do not know but you can claim the free 100ghs hash and try it for free , site looks quite professional with many pages and options 

They also have there own coin CRT which can be used in the games which this company has links to ,games which you play against other humans rather than AI for fairer games 

Please come check it out with me and let me know your thoughts and reservations 





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Father of 6 ,interested in crypto and its possibilities ,trying to get on the ladder avoiding scams and huge layouts

Make money online for begginers
Make money online for begginers

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