The Easy Way To Do AirDrops...

The Easy Way To Do AirDrops...

By Rutkowski | Make money online fast | 12 Nov 2020

AirDrops? What Are They?

AirDrop is when you complete some task such as like a tweet, retweet a tweet. Share a facebook post or even register at a site. Each Airdrop is typically different from the next in regards to the requirements and how much they will pay you.

You should always keep in mind that the reward from completing the airdrops are solely dependent upon the success of the ICO and the launch of the crypto itself. For example I have plenty of crypto from airdrops that winded up failing after the ICO.

Now I have coins sitting in my wallets that are completely worthless. However I still didn't lose any money I just wasted a little bit of time. The amount of time that I have wasted compared to the amount of money that I have made greatly out weighs each other.

I have completed around 50 to 80 airdrops as a rough estimate and I have made over $3,000.00 from airdrops combined. I hold out hope that this trend will continue into the future.


How Do I Complete AirDrops?

The number one resource that I have found when doing AirDrops is The reason I use Cocoricos when doing AirDrops is because their site is designed to make the AirDrop process easier. You are able to link all of your social media accounts that you use for AirDrops directly to Cocoricos.

That allows you complete AirDrops even faster as they have them listed on one page with each individual task. For example if the task is to like a post on facebook they would present you with a like button. You click the like button and then confirm that the task is completed.

Right now they just upgraded their systems to work with Meta Mash but they are planning on adding support more wallets in the coming future. Cocoricos does not hold custody of your funds at any point in time. They do not have any access to them.

Cocoricos was launched in order to take advantage of all the DeFI solutions under one roof. With that in mind I just want to point out the fact that I have not invested any money into Cocoricos nor do I plan on doing so until after I know for a fact the project is going to take off.

I believe we have about another 30 days until they officially launch their very own token called EGG which is estimated to be worth $1 dollar or at least that is the goal of Cocoricos.


My Final Thoughts

Airdrops can always be risky in the sense that you may waste your time and never be rewarded. I have done plenty of Airdrops and have walked away empty handed. I have done about a dozen which have paid out nicely and made the wasted time worth it.

I would not recommend that you quit your job and become a full time AirDrop hunter for any reason. Although if you have free time and you don't have any thing else to do, why not kill some time with some airdrops that may pay off? You have nothing lose and could gain a lot of money.

I do recommend that you create new accounts for doing airdrop task. New facebook new twitter, new email and a new wallet. This limits your exposure to people hosting fake airdrops just to get your email address in order to spam you.

I also advise against investing in most airdrops. I recommend doing Airdrops so you can be apart of new crypto currencies and eliminate all financial risk. When you invest in a ICO you are putting your self at a very high risk as the crypto may or may not fail.

As always thank you for reading, God Bless You and Stay Healthy!

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