A Love Story!!!!

By Mahnoor Danish | Mahnoor Danish | 5 Feb 2021

Love is the most beautiful part of one's life. I always believe in love and here is a quote affirming my attitude towards love 👇

Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.



For falling in love there isn't a need to invest long term, but a single touch, a sight, a deep emotion, and a thought are enough to grab someone's nerves in the name of love.


For me, love is the source of inspiration, motivation, and a strong object of respect and understanding. Love isn't a fair-weather friend but a naive adoption of a person in all thick and thin.

I know a girl who falls in love with a boy when he messaged her first, requesting a solution to a simple problem. That private message chat wasn't personal but professional yet full of forces from the heavens to meet their souls forever.

They started chatting with gaps, after weeks, weeks shrank into days, days into minutes and sooner they were involved with each other from head to toe.

On the fourth week of their friendship boy was supposed to celebrate his birthday and the day was planned by his girl. They traveled to the destination and had a great day together full of love, emotions, sentiments expressions, promises, and exchange of gifts.


Love is important but it's the respect that stands at first. The boy was committed to providing refuge for the flooded emotions of the girl and the girl saved his honor.


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Sitting beside each other on the same couch without a tiny lust but only PURE intentions they felt each other. She puts her head on his shoulder and started stating,

Right before the day, I met you, I wasn't a true believer of love, I never dare to allow someone to have a glance on my chastity, to touch my cheeks, to hold my hand with a strong grip, to wet my soul with intense warmth of passions from the depth of eyes, to overthrow the love to my heart rather blood, to circulate in my veins, to breath from my lungs, to exacerbate the beats with the soft grip of arms around my waist.

 I love you and you are my last love, there could be chances of getting ill once after the other but the last illness leads to death only and my love for you will end in graves only. You aren't a human-only you are my favorite creature that is laid down for me. I confess my love for you and will continue to love you.

A pure burst of tears from her eyes stepped down to get the shirt of the same boy. These tears added affirmation to the words as tears don't speak for untruths. He felt the surge of devotion in the tears wetting his chest coming straight from shoulders to down and he pulled her face up.


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An up face with down eyes grasped his heart and he involuntarily placed her face into his hands, wiped the tears with the help of thumb tips, and kissed the forehead, sipped the drop of tear from her eyes, placed her head right over his chest and started,




People fall in love in numerous manners, some of them play with emotions, some of them lead the lady for years and then stepped back saying they can't carry a relation. They are coward, they aren't men they are itching termites to eat the smiles and sprites. 




Believe me, I never fall in for someone the way I felt for you, the moment I had you beside me, I didn't perceive to stain your chastity but to pain your soul with the secure intent of my manhood. We the men, don't feel the same for every girl, we don't pledge ourselves to ladies so easily, we don't concern all ladies but a few closest to us and you are at the top of them who are close and dear to me.




 I may be your last love but you are my first, I can fall in again but there is no room to replace your occupied niches both in my heart and soul. I confess that I love you and I will not stop loving you until my last breath and a true man worth his words.




She grasped his waist with more energy which was a sign of belief in his words. He sensed that arms and their fastening, a sharp smile dynamized his face, a glow of love a blush of purity, and a superiority of having a genuine and beautiful girl for himself made him feel relaxed. DJ played the love song igniting the sparks of love 👇







With closed eyes, both were feeling their presence when the phone bell ranged and noises the surroundings breaking the wrap of voiceless transferring of sentiments from bodies to bodies and souls to souls.




This was the first and last meeting between both souls. They are grown up to 5 months of friendship and 4 months of love relationships. Having a lot of promises to be fulfilled and a lot of wishes to come true.




Wishing them good luck for a happy climax with the faithful completion of promises. Because it's said,




All that is well which ends well.




Thank you for having your eyes on my article and a true love story.


​​Spread love ​​​








©Mahnoor Danish.


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