The Parable of the Tomato

By Drakon | Magical You | 12 May 2021

One day a tomato wakes up and realizes it’s sitting in bullshit. It’s smelly, looks awful and is squishy. This, the tomato finds depressing. So it starts looking around, growing over there and over here, but try as it might, everywhere it looks there is more bullshit. The whole world is BS.

Now the tomato is suicidal and starts making up its own bullshit. I had bad parents and didn’t go to the right schools.  I’m no good. I’m not pretty and my health is bad. Eventually the tomato realizes that it is now contributing to the bullshit world and decides to add a dramatic touch. No one will ever love me. Look at this pile of shit I’m in. Nothing I do ever turns out right.  

Then the tomato figures out that making up shit can be interesting. So as long as it’s making up shit it might as well make up some good shit too. So the tomato starts talking about how its shit is rich and thick and warm. It has learned lots from all of the shit it’s been through, and at least its shit grows some tasty tomatoes. Again the tomato begins to manifest exactly what it is talking about.  

Now this tomato is a little more observant than your average tomato and wonders what would happen if it started to consciously choose the kind of bullshit it feeds on. So, I invite you to come try some of my bullshit. My shit will warm you up; it will bring a smile to your face. My shit will make you laugh and maybe even bring you a friend. My shit don’t stink and if you use it yours won’t stink either.  

And that’s how transformation happens.    

© 2008 Dianne Evans

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I have been called shaman, druid, witch, devil and many other things. What am I? I am a magical being not so easily categorized, boxed in or limited by names and roles. I love nature, animals, growth, learning, and liberty. I love life and celebrate it!

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