I Signed Up For a Ternio Blockcard. Here's What I Learned About It.

I Signed Up For a Ternio Blockcard. Here's What I Learned About It.

By SkinnerCrypto | Magic and Lasers | 31 May 2020

Alrighty! The month of MAY is almost over! Jesus, this would be four months of the super crypto adventure I've been on. Amazing. If I don't say it enough, I'll say it one more time: BIG THANK YOU to all of my readers, friends, associates and everyone else who made this much of what I done possible. Without you, I'd merely be a basement man with one arm suspiciously larger than the other.


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Today I'm gonna talk about something I believe is really useful. Yes, extremely useful... for the United States at the moment. Yeah, I know I hate to exclude my readers from other places, but Ternio is currently only providing their services to the USA. But DO NOT FRET! They are currently in the process of including other countries, so stay tuned.


What in The Hell is TERNIO?

Well, there's two major things that you need to know in order to understand what Ternio is. First, Ternio itself is a cryptocurrency/blockchain protocol that aims to do some really cool real world shit. They market themselves as a usable, fast and scalable blockchain solution, but they also offer an additional product; a debit card. Oh yes, that's the ticket. I'll explain more in a minute. First, you need to know more about TERN.

Okay, so Ternio looks to enter the advertising market. In fact, the term "Ternio" stands for "A Series of Three", which in this case means The User (YOu and me), the Publisher (Me, crypto websites, Publish0x, etc.) and the Advertiser (the folks that Brave Browser is pissing off because they're doing shit better). Now, Ternio doesn't wanna be just another layer in the crap cake; They wanna service the existing layers of advertisement in order to promote tansparency and efficiency in digital advertising.

The token itself is actually a XLM (Stellar Lumens) token, and uses what is called Lexicon Blockchain for faster, transparent transactions. Their WHITEPAPER suggests that they could get a TPS (Transactions Per Second) Up to 10,000. That's a lot of transactions, and definitely needed for the main service I have taken advantage of; The CARD.


I wanted to give you just the Cliffnotes of the technology to get to what I really consider to be the "Meat and Potatoes" of the company; Their so-called "Blockcard". This solves a really, REALLY huge problem that I have had in my own crypto adventures. Let me go into detail.

I get paid in magic internet money. Several types of magic internet money. In order to have access to the money in the (rather overrated) "Real World", I have to:

1.) Bust out my wallets.

2.) Bust out my Coinbase account where I have my KYC and bank account set up.

3.) Transfer some crypto from the wallet to an exchange where I can trade it for crypto that Coinbase offers (If they do not already offer it, which in many cases, they DON'T).

4.) Transfer the crypto AGAIN to the Coinbase Account.

5.) SELL the crypto (and incur a RIDICULOUS FEE).

6.) Then tell Coinbase I wanna send X dollars to my bank account.

7.) WAIT FOR FUCKING EVER. Like 5 days.

8.) Get it in my bank account.

This process makes me feel like I'm going to the doctor for an STD examination. It is necessary, but the swab going up my peehole sucks major ass.


My Dickhole is On Fire. Thanks, Doc!

Oh, BTW, I edited this image. It said in the CC license I gotta tell you that. Attribution link at bottom. There... I did good the big boy copyright stuff. You're welcome, internet.

Ternio's Blockcard makes this process SO MUCH EASIER FOR ME. For one, they support mostly every crypto I happen to get paid in. The process for them is a lot more straightforward:

1.) Send the applicable crypto to a specific wallet address set up by Ternio for my account.

2.) Wait for a few minutes.

3.) BOOM. Cash equivalent ready to spend in my Ternio account. They also tell you your cash value's TERN equivalent. This is important for later.

Their KYC process was INCREDIBLY simple. No taking pictures, no other bullshit. I got accepted in a day, and they are currently sending my physical card in the mail and should be here next week sometime. When I get that card and activate it, I can then spend my crypto like I would traditional money from a debit account. They then deduct that money from my account and all is well in the world.

There is one caveat; in order to maintain the account, you have to have a minimum of 10 USD equivalent in the account, which is for maintenance and fluctuations in prices. Considering the time that I save with The blockcard, I am okay with that.

On top of really quick access to my crypto profits, I also find this useful for some other things. First, I have basically a "savings account" that I can store up my crypto earnings, and it is available in a snap. Second, If I incur any tax issues, I have EXACTLY the amount of money earned in the account and can reliably demonstrate this for the purposes of taxes. I know, I know. A lot of folks are probably like "WHAT THE HELL, GINGER MAN? You WANNA PAY TAXES?"

No, I don't wanna pay taxes, but there's one thing I'm gonna tell you and this is neither financial advice NOR tax advice; C.Y.A. Cover Your Ass. Just in case.

Additional Benefits!

So, this token can be staked, and if you stake a particular amount, you get tiered benefits. Basically for every transaction that you do, if you have a particular amount of staked  you get CRYPTO BACK REWARDS! WHOO! Instead of writing it out and potentially cocking it up, I'll just show you:


It is really interesting. say you maxed out your staking rewards and got 6% back For every 100 USD you spend, you will get 6 USD back. It's like getting a rebate on every purchase! That's awesome.

I might take advantage of this little perk later on, but for now, I'm SUPER COMFY with just using the card. Their fees are reasonable. I'll be sure to add an update when I use my physical card for the first time.


ALL you gotta do is go TO MY SHILL REFERRAL LINK RIGHT HERE, and when you sign up and load 100.00 USD worth of crypto on your card, I get 10 bucks! I win, you win, we all win. DO IT (If you're in the USA... for now).

Thank you SO SO much for reading, I really appreciate it.

Until next time, keep your eye on the markets and Spend Crypto.... you know, if you make a profit. That thing that Coinbase hates for you to have.


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