How to NOT Do Big Ambitious Community Projects

By SkinnerCrypto | Magic and Lasers | 26 Nov 2022

Today, I'm covering in small detail two projects. One of them you might have heard of because it's HUGE, and the other you probably haven't heard of ever. These projects in my mind, represent two major things wrong with community project planning and development, based on my own experience. The cover image might have given it away: I'm covering THE LINE and THE AURAVANA PROJECT.

I think before embarkation on a grand project like creating a new type of community, you need to have your ethical and practical house in order. What I mean is if the roots of ambition are placed in anything other than what is good for Humanity at large, the project fails. If it's too cumbersome to penetrate the major ideas of the propositions, the project fails. Let's start with the first one.


So, there's this country called Saudi Arabia. You might have heard of them. They're led by walking dinner tablecloth Muhammed Bin Salman. All the cool kids call him MBS.


Can't call this guy late to dinner, because he's the table.

MBS is the de facto leader of Saudi Arabia, and is the seventh son of King Salman (AKA Dinner Table Sr.):


The black thing is where you put the butter.

ANYWAY, MBS runs things now, and he has a GRAND VISION FOR THE FUTRE! A vision of sustainable architecture and a new way of living. A diversification of the Saudi Economy. And probably a little bit of journalist murder along the way. He wants to build THE LINE™, which is part of the super awesome new city project called NEOM, which is part of an EVEN LARGER PROJECT called SAUDI VISION 2030.

In any case, at its core Saudi Arabia is a giant oil corporation that normal people typically mistake for a nation. It is a monarchy of sorts, with no democratic institutions. Looking for a repressive place where beheading people is the norm? Come on down to Saudi Arabia. It might bear mentioning here that with all nations with people, there are good folks everywhere. Good folks that have desires and ambitions and only wish to provide for their family and live a happy life. The people in charge of these countries are the idiots, not the people. SO, if you're a Saudi reading this article, know that I'm not criticizing you, I'm criticizing the idiots you have no power to depose or elect. Specifically, I'm criticizing THE LINE.

SO where do we begin?


So, The Line and the Entire Neom Project started with the ousting locals. And when I say ousting them, I mean forcibly removing their poor asses or else. Of course, the Saudi government evicted members of the Howeitat tribe so that they could have the room to build their giant penis city. And how could I forget: refuse to leave? They'll just kill your ass. As a note, the area where these projects are located were the ancestral lands of the Howeitat. Isn't that special?

In addition, the work culture sucks ass. Wanna work with NEOM? Expect management to belittle expatriates, turn a blind eye to discrimination, and treat you like garbage.


So, like I said, it's a giant reflective penis in the desert. In fact, some concept art has holes in the 50 story walls JUST PERFECT for a giant dildo.


A Nice Big 50000 Pounder Just For You, NEOM.

Having a huge line in the desert has some... disadvantages. First thing of course is that it's probably the most impractical thing in the universe. They say all the basic needs will be within proximity for residents, but anyone who has ever done anything with construction knows that the end results is typcially nothing like the ideas. It takes real work and real thinking to actually make the logistics of this thing go smoothly, and I honestly don't think they have thought that part through. We aren't just talking grocery stores, but also medical centers, recreation areas, the works.

Dezeen has made some additional comments on The Line, some good, but mostly bad. For example, it would take a GODAWFUL amount of glass and steel to make this work. The maintenance ALONE would be ridiculous. In addition, for a city resting its laurels on sustainability, the carbon footprint of such a structure would be beyond insane. It would be beyond any possible benefit of sustainability the city could have in the long run.

Also, The Saudi Arabian desert is hot. Like HOLY SHIT, it's hot there. With climate change, it's only gonna get worse. This makes The Line not only an architectural challenge, but also a THERMODYNAMICS challenge. How do you cool this thing? How do you maintain it?

BUT the major idea here is if your community project doesn't have the ethical and philosophical backing it needs to have any sort of justifiable existence, you lost before you even break ground. We don't build the future with blood. We don't push humanity forward by laying a foundation of bodies. There's no good that can come of this for THIS REASON ALONE, save all the technical challenges.

In my upcoming book, Community Cybernetics (JOIN ME ON PATREON FOR THE COST OF A CUP OF COFFEE A MONTH!), I speak of a few maxims that underlie the establishment of the cybernetic community.

One of them is this: To move Humanity forward in a direction that enhances and prolongs life and cohesiveness.

Another one is this: Through our scientific and technological search to improve life, we must temper it with our humanity.

Progress and technological advance do not ethically come from sacred cow projects originated by some Royal Cabal, and certainly don't arise from not giving a shit about people. This is a 500 billion dollar vanity project. A farce.

Wanna convince me otherwise? Tell me how this will not only materially advance the conditions of the people who live there, but also how it will push humanity forward in a direction that doesn't lead to dystopia. Until then, MBS and his bullshit project can fly a kite.


Those of you who read my bullshit probably know that one of my inspirations for Community Cybernetics was The Venus Project. Well, there is an adjacently inspired project that goes into incredible detail called the Auravana Project. They have similar ideas as both The Venus Project and Community Cybernetics, but they went overboard. Like, holy shit. don't believe me? These are the major documents where they lay out the details of the project:



I'm a reader. A writer. A wannabe researcher. I appreciate the effort put into this, but the only thing is THAT IT IS INPENETRABLE. If it's inpenetrable to me, it will be impenetrable to an investor or even the rank-and-file person off the street. I did a count of the number of pages this group of documents have. It's 2,386 PAGES LONG. That's a bit of light reading.

It's so impenetrable, the only things that are obvious to me is the circular city concept as I have advocated. There's diagrams in it like this:


If you have any idea what the hell this means, you're doing better than me.

There's this thing called KISS, which stands for Keep ISimple, Stupid. The more complexity you add to a project, the more places there will be for things to royally screw up. If your project is so incredibly complex to the point where NOBODY can reliably understand what exactly you're trying to do, then you've failed.

I think that a hallmark of effective organization isn't big fancy books and obscure diagrams. Get to the point, lay it out as clearly as possible, and then get the project rolling on the ground. A community is complex, but the theoretical basis for the project MUST be understandable. My project is involved and contains a lot of things to learn, but I believe it to be penetrable by the common person. This... I don't even know if it's a good idea or not.

Moral of the story: Don't be a dick, and don't be obtuse if you're wanting to change Humanity for the better.

Thanks for reading, and if you don't hear from me after I publish this, I probably got assassinated by the Saudi Government. Wouldn't be the first time.

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