FAT A**SHOLE UPDATE: Brought to You By SkinnerCrypto

FAT A**SHOLE UPDATE: Brought to You By SkinnerCrypto

By SkinnerCrypto | Magic and Lasers | 11 Oct 2020

Hey there Fellow Internet Asses, Friends, and most importantly Crypto Enthusiasts!

I've been away for a while, but I had a minute or two so I wanted to drop by and give you a super awesome update on my school progress and other fun shit that's been coming down the Tube of Life.

Gosh, I missed you guys. We are gonna have to catch up, do a little Netflix and Chill. Hulu and Hogtie. VHS and Fuck. Whatever your pleasure is. SO, without further adieu:

Sweet Salty Christ, Ginger Man! How The Hell Are Ya?

A lot better in many ways. SO... I expect to be done with college by February, which means I will have passed my first year Anniversary on this site by the time that comes around. Has it really been that long? WOW! Well, almost. Here's a nice solid breakdown:

1.) College

I've been studying to get my degree in Business Administration. I have learned a bunch of stuff from Accounting to Finance to some other stuff about not being an asshole manager (the bad kind of asshole) and your employees. How to manage projects, organization and operations management. If there's a management, there's a way I have studied it. Mostly Dry, but remarkably useful. like an old lady.


Because Shits Aren't Easy to Give. You're Welcome.

ANYWAY The idea is to finish by February, begin my Surveyor in training stuff, and then.... Well I'm thinking of going to Grad school. FOR REAL. Looking at a PhD Program at Texas Tech that deals with Systems Theory and Engineering Management. This would be mad useful in my community and cybernetics research, and I can do most of it over distance. I gotta fulfill a residency requirement by taking some on site courses for two weeks during two summers in the program. In the meantime I'm gonna do a few things:

1.) Become a Registered Professional Land Surveyor. Take some exams, get an RPLS by my name.

2.) Do some research on Journal Publishing and get published. Building up my CV for applying to the PhD program.

3.) Study and take the GRE. at this point, taking hard exams will be a piece of cake. I'm not worried I'll do good enough.

4.) Apply for the PhD program at Texas Tech. And of course, get accepted.

5.) ???

6.) Profit. Become SkinnerCrypto, PhD, RPLS

I know it's gonna be some work, but I'm not afraid. 2020 has been the year where I have learned to bust ass. Not afraid. Used to be afraid. But not anymore. I can do it. Gotta meet my goals. objectives 1 - 4 is about a 2 to 3 year plan. Time? I got some. Until I'm dead at least. Sleep? Fuck it.

2.) Crypto.

Here's the fun thing: I still love my crypto. I wanna continue to do this on the side and expand a bit. I've been saying it a lot, but I'm gonna go do it. I'm not gonna try and make much doing it, so that precludes doing too much or taking on too much work. BUT I'll be writing and hopefully doing videos too. I have a setup now because I needed this setup to take proctored exams, so I'm solid.

I have a bunch of ideas related to crypto and my other writings, and the list grows by the day. 2020 has been my "Personal Renaissance" so to speak. I have had an awakening in my ambitions and my life. I'm happy for it. And my readers are a part of that. Love all of you.

3.) Business Ventures

I'm looking to use my knowledge of business to start a venture with some people I know. Basically, buying and selling land. Gonna be bananas. I also want write my books on my community subject matter as well as some other things. I think this will be really fun. Of course, I hope to make a little bit of money doing this, as well as my full time job. Gotta make that mortgage payment somehow. Well that and I REALLY wanna Tesla.

Long Term Goal: Hell, I wanna make a cool 150,000 USD a year. That'll pay the bills. Build up assets. Will be important for future endeavors.

The Bottom Line.

If there's one piece of advice I could humbly impart to my readers: Don't let the spark fade. I let it fade 10+ years ago, and somehow after going through hell, I got it back. I'm gonna change the world and change my life. I'm still doing it.

Always be looking for your next opportunity. No government or virus or economic strife can keep us down forever. Hope is inviolable. And so are you. 

Until Next time, Watch those damn markets. They're insane.


I'm a futurist, cryptocurrency enthusiast, techie, artist and aspiring land surveyor. I like to solve problems. I have some ideas for a planned community.

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