Election 2020: simple proof the election was rigged!

Election 2020: simple proof the election was rigged!

By Mythcrusher | MAGA2020 | 3 Jan 2021

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In my previous post "A statistically impossible election," I compiled together evidence of election fraud. Today, I will do something a bit different, I will offer a single logical argument that is both very simple and is difficult to argue against. I discovered the argument by accident shortly after election day by googling "Biden didn't win."

The simple argument

When I googled "Biden didn't win," I came across an article called "Biden didn't win, Trump lost." I knew the article was wrong, but it got me thinking. In any fair election, there are two explanation for the results, although they can overlap some.

  • The person who won the election won because they themselves won.
  • The person who won the election won because their opponent lost.

If the first scenario were true, and Biden won, that would mean Biden won because he is popular. However, Biden's following on all social medias, the number of people who went to his rallies, and the numbers of people putting his yard signs up were all very small. In fact, they were smaller than Hillary's, meaning Biden isn't that popular. All polls indicated that Hillary was very unpopular, and her rally attendance was low. Rally attendance, social media following, and yard signs are all strongly correlated with popularity.

If the second scenario were true, that would mean Trump lost because he is unpopular. If that were the case, that would mean he lost voters since 2016. However, if you look at Trump's vote total from 2016 and compare it to 2020, yo see his number of votes not only didn't drop, they actually increased by a lot. Trump's vote total in 2016 was 62,984,828, while Trump's vote total in 2020 was 74,223,744, an 11 million vote increase give or take. If Trump was popular enough to win in 2016, and his vote total went up 11 million since then, then he would definitely be popular enough to win in 2020 unless challenged by someone equally or more popular than himself. Anyone popular enough to defeat him would have to be very popular, as judged by the size of his rallies, which backed up traffic, the numbers MAGA of yard signs, and the number of social media followers.

Notice a problem? If the election results can't be explained by Biden winning, because Biden is not that popular at all, and the election results can't be explained by Trump losing, because his popularity has gone up since 2016, then there is only one possible explanation for what happened. That explanation is that somebody cheated. The question then becomes who it was that cheated.

Who cheated
There are two possibilities as to who cheated. It could be Trump's people, or it could be Biden's people. Because Trump has had the election investigated for fraud and continues to have the election investigated, Trump and his people are extremely unlikely to be the ones who cheated. If they did cheat, their investigation into fraud in the election would only make Biden's win bigger as more and more fake ballots were discovered for Trump. Then there is the fact that in that situation, all those fake ballots for Trump would point to Trump and his people, and put them at risk of prison if they were indeed the ones who cheated.

Biden and his people on the other hand do not seem interested in investigating fraud at all, which you think they would want it investigated if they really did win so he could prove he really won. Even more suspicious is the fact that Biden actually said that he and his people had put together "the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics."

Snopes and other fact checkers claim he was talking about an organization to investigate voter fraud, but if that is the case, WHY do Biden and his people seem totally uninterested in investigating fraud claims? There is only one answer, Biden and his people cheated.

The good news

The good news is that the southern border is more secure than ever before. Because the southern border is where most illegal aliens come through, if Trump can manage to get a second term, which he can still do through congress and the supreme court, or through a re-run election under martial law, then in the future it will be more difficult to cheat.

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