A statistically impossible election

A statistically impossible election

By Mythcrusher | MAGA2020 | 11 Mar 2021


This article is a compellation of glitches and anomalies that suggest that something was horribly wrong with the 2020 election. Read the article and decide for yourself in the election really was rigged.

Evidence for massive fraud
CNN has claimed that there is "no evidence of widespread voter fraud," which could not be farther from the truth.

  • Nationally, Biden did worse than Hillary among black voters.

  • Although Biden appears to have done better than Hillary, on closer inspection, Biden appears to have won the election despite doing worse than Hillary in nearly every major US city. His victory over Trump is because he did much better than Hillary in just four cities. The cities are Atlanta, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Milwaukee. Here is an article about Biden doing worse than Hillary. https://rclutz.wordpress.com/2020/11/15/light-in-the-election-fraud-tunnel/comment-page-1/

  • Michigan and Wisconsin both have sudden spikes in Biden votes. Trump was leading in both states, and the gap was progressively widening. In both states, the sudden closing of the gap came from a truckload of "mail in ballots."

  • There were many vote switches, where the Biden's numbers in the count switched with Trump's. In every case, this benefitted Biden.

  • There were many uncounted uncovered ballots in the Georgia and Wisconsin recounts. In Georgia, there were two boxes that had about 2,500 uncounted ballots, two thirds of which were for Trump.

  • Before Biden, nobody has ever won 80 million votes. Biden appears to have won 80 million votes despite seeming to be less popular that Hillary. How much of the black community votes for a democrat is a good indicator of their overall popularity.

  • Dominion voting machines use the same software (Smartmatic) that was used by Hugo Chavez to rig the elections in Venezuela. A record number of Dominion machines appear to have been used in this election.

Statistically impossible
Many mathematicians say that the 2020 election is statistically impossible. It is so extremely unlikely that all these glitches, which happened on a massive scale, all benefitted Biden and none of them benefitted Trump. The probability of all these irregularities and glitches benefitting Biden is about the same probability of reaching into a bag of marbles that has 1,000 green marbles and one red marble, and pulling out a yellow one. Sure, there may be rare nuclear quantum events that can change one type of atom into another, but in order for the marble to change color like that, all of the color molecules and only the color molecules would need to undergo the same rare nuclear transformation process. This is so unlikely, that it the probability of it happening likely lower one in a googol.

A googol is a huge number, a one followed by 100 zeros. The number is so large, that if something has a 1/googol chance of happening, the probability of it occurring can be ignored, and it extremely is unlikely that anyone anywhere will ever observe it happening, even after thousands of years. One thing is for sure, these anomalies need to be accounted for, or else, many Americans will continue to question this election.

Edit: To see for yourself the impossibility of the election, visit lindelltv.com, where Mike Lindell talks about statistical analysis of the election, and has updates every three days. Mike Lindell himself actually knows something about statistics and calculating probability, and says he uses it a lot to run his business. He hired many, independent mathematicians to analyze the election, and they all came to the same conclusion: it is statistically impossible.

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