Web3 gaming nodes are not this exciting bro

The Web3 Gaming Node Explosion

I see a lot of frothy excitement around the concept of nodes in the gaming industry right now. Every goofy little vector-shaped mobile-based bullshit farm is coming out with a node because tokens were too cliche, I guess. 

I've seen this before. Right around the time that Strongnodes was running its scam. It was just a ponzi that lasted the longest somehow, but there were endless forks on every chain with the same model.

This is how the real money is generated in crypto — create trading volume that everyone can eat off of. Teams, of course, because they can phone in a forked protocol with no real value, and if it sticks, it sticks. If not, oh well. 

Influencooors make a ton. They don't buy these nodes, believe me. They just make videos pretending to and make money from YouTube and partner sponsorships. I don't have to do any wallet watching to know that.

Keep. Your. Money. Most of the Time.

So for the love of all that is holy: If you see a YouTube gaming node thumbnail with a goddamn idiot with his mouth hanging wide open, skip it. Don't even give the moron the courtesy of a click — hell, he didn't give you the courtesy of intelligently enticing you to watch with factual information. Like, close your mouth. Web3 gaming nodes are not that exciting, you shameless, attention-grabbing, bottom-feeding fag.

I'm seriously tired of these influencooors with these cynical attempts to undermine your financial well-being with these stupid, STUPID crypto videos. They do no one any good.

If you see a video title that says "XXX will print millionaires!" SKIP IT. The project WILL print millionaires — the project owners. No friggin node project is going to make you a millionaire. Nodes are meant to be a passive income play, not an exponential Xs play. If you get a 100X because you got in on the project early that prints tokens and attracts outside speculators, that's icing on the cake.

The math on most node projects, and that's if fulfill their entire multiyear roadmap, is a 5X over the course of years, not days or months — if you're lucky.

The Math of Nodes

The best node programs will have a first-party spreadsheet detailing an approximation of what kind of ROI you can expect. The variables to look for:

1️⃣ total number of nodes
2️⃣ max tokens
3️⃣ % tokens given to node owners
4️⃣ timeframe of full vest
5️⃣ vesting depreciation/halving schedule

What does this sound like? This is honestly no different from a SAFT with a vesting schedule, with one major difference: You have to depreciate your computational power to get your rewards.

A normal SAFT just gives you get free tokens every day.

And yes, you can VPS your nodes with NerdNode or something, but guess what: That depreciates your wallet, even as small as the charge may seem (which some idiot might say is the same as gas fees for claiming tokens in a normal SAFT, you know what, shut the fuck up).

The point is that node offers should be compared against SAFTs, not against each other.

What You Should Expect

The advantage of gaming nodes is a longer vesting schedule that provides a semi-passive (remember, you're using computing power) income for a longer period of time than a SAFT. Gaming nodes should also provide less volatility because entertainment is a product people consume more during bear markets, not less.

So for me, gaming nodes are an income play and a bear market survival play, not a millionaire play. This notion seems to hold true against the math of some of the more honest node projects.

From what I've seen, a good gaming node project gives you ≈ 5-6X in total value vested over a 3-5 year period. If you get more, that's just icing. The real benefit is having a steady income that you can swap into other projects while everyone else's liquidity is tapped out. If people are playing, you're making money.

But I won't take on any gaming node project that doesn't provide me the following privileges as well:

☝️The right to sell the node (the real Xs come from capital gains on hardware)
☝️Swaps away from Ethereum (e.g. Gala and Myria require passage through high fees ass Ethereum in order to swap into other projects)
☝️Airdrops (sell em, although most will be worthless, one or two may not)

I had to come to terms with myself that I'm an investor, not a player. I'm interested in being gaming adjacent and making money off of gaming, not gaming myself. I don't really have time to sit and play Shrapnel or Off the Grid or Mavia or Nifty Island, no matter how cool those games are. So any talk of ecosystem rewards like NFTs as a feature of my participation I just ignore. I think of this as the lottery. Crypto is a good place to play the lottery in a bull market.

Halfway Decent Projects

I'm not head over heels for any of these gaggle of node projects, but here are the best ones from what I can see of the math, the team's honesty about the math, and the actual product:

▶️ MetaXSeed
▶️ $COPI

Everything else, including $XAI and Gunzilla, buy at your own risk.

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