H4lv!ng @ R0ll3rc0!n - To THE M00N!

H4lv!ng @ R0ll3rc0!n - To THE M00N!

By Gh0st999 | L!v!ngCypt0 | 4 Jul 2020

Hello lovely people in the Crypto community 🥰

Start stacking satoshis!!

Taking into account that Bitcoin halving came right at us, I would like to quickly go over some basics of it and update you on whether it will affect  RollerCoin ☝️ 🤓

Bitcoin halving is an event during which reward to miners, who in turn take care of block production, is cut ✂️ in half, to aid inflation of the currency and make its price more foreseeable. Halving is considered as a positive 👍 because not only does it historically push the price of bitcoin up, but also attracts quite a lot of attention from general media 📡 which greatly helps to deliver the message behind Bitcoin to the masses 🌍 Last but not least, it once again highlights the programmed advantages of cryptocurrency and its benefits over never-ending printing of fiat 💸

Halving at glance:

  • Halving date: 18th of May 2020 ⏱
  • Halving frequency: every 210,000 blocks 🧱 (roughly every 4 years)
  • Block reward decrease: 12.5 to 6.25 🥶 
  • Past halvings: 29th of November, 2012 at block height 210,000 and 10th of July, 2016 at block height 420,000 🔪
  • Expected results: BTC price surge due to the cut in supply ⬆️

As for the fun RollerCoin 🐹 game, I am happy to report that your income from mining bitcoin within the game WILL NOT change ❗️Yes, that’s right, you  can continue earning BTC just like you did before, without any halving, cuts and increased difficulty 🔥 As a matter of fact rewards have doubled since the halving. 

For those of you who are not yet on board 🤷‍♀️ with RollerCoin, it is a Bitcoin mining game that lets you earn REAL Bitcoin, whilst competing with your friends 🏆 All you have to do is to run and expand your mining farm and resolve obstacles that real miners often come across ⛔️ Moreover, our game can serve you as a good demo 🧭 if you are contemplating whether to get into crypto mining, as they have worked hard to make our RollerCoin game real as it can possibly be 💎

All the best guys and don’t forget to have fun! ❤️




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