Entering the Portal
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Entering the Portal

By Gh0st999 | L!v!ngCypt0 | 26 Jun 2020

How did I get into the CryptoUniverse?

Bodybuilding can be the simple answer. More than that a drive to better myself. I was looking for performance enhancement and I stumbled upon products that would meet my needs. I could obtain them faster and at discount if I used crypto.

There was the hook. The rest was history. The transaction was a sort of basic practical introduction to this cyberspace.

Then slowly I got engulfed with the possibilities of blockchain and computer programming. Needless to say, your boy has got 3 cpus and 2 gpus mining, is using a brave browser, and chasing the moon.

My journey began on Coinbase and due to privacy concerns I'm considering departing the exchange.
I got invitations for coinbase earn programs, comment if any are interested. (you can find them scrolling down in my tumblr @ s0b3rthoughts)

I will be reviewing my mining experience with a  mining program with which I've made some meaningful passive income ₿.
This is my referral link:  Honey Miner  

So all in all I am new to this sphere, but I come with a lot of enthusiasm. Absorbing as much knowledge as possible. With this platform ready and willing to share my experience and gains with all.

Till' next time! Thanks for the read,





Adapting to the emerging cryptic lifestyle ;)

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