- Cryptic Ramblings Entering Space -
Brain Circuit

- Cryptic Ramblings Entering Space -

By Gh0st999 | L!v!ngCypt0 | 26 Jun 2020


      In a world full of potentials I personally explore the dynamics of philosophy and involve myself in fantastically deeper questions. The more I swim through my conscience little surprises give the idea that there is a need for our minds to unwind. This way we prevent them from overheating and reaching their boiling point, because once it starts to boil there is a possibility of suffering some damage. Naturally we can achieve this with sleep. I find it quite ironic that when we are asleep some of the components of our brain are more awake than when we are carrying out our day-to-day deeds.
I make sure to keep my concentration in an effort to give my best in whatever it is that I do in hopes to achieve what I think others expect from me and more. Perspective is the name of the game when a bunch of eyes are running around aiming at all directions of our planet with other conventional senses. In Aldous Huxley’s novel, Brave New World, the idea that a one world government could be a possibly, fast approaching, reality is ignited through the fancies of the author imagination around the early 1920’s. He stated what could be considered future that issues that must be addressed with high priority. The truth behind movements of diverse sorts including, but not limited to, the 99%vs1% protests in New York’s Wall St. require that urgency be placed on restructuring school systems and (extended-) family relations. Not knowing that we are part of a whole community places unrequested responsibility on everybody. In my opinion how much we know about what we have to do should be associated with the necessity of inquiring action for insight to create ways to alter and change for the betterment of all.

       My intentions are to achieve what others expect from me and more. Adapting to what we have now is the best way to achieve this. The apparent implicit simplicity within the complexity of the nature of reality is a beautiful experience to intellectually digest within the realms of science and literature. I look forward to continue ‘diving’ deeper into the realms of the scientific discipline in an effort to help all those in my ecosystem.
The desire of perfection is a drive that comes from within to adjust the quality of our life. One day I laid awake thinking- “how can I help myself?”- Shortly after that pensive moment I understood that I ‘made-it’ a long time ago. Being ‘distracted’ by different muses has leaded me to gain some understanding on the nature of reality. The expansion of my growth is as rational as science can get. If we search for the roots of science we can devour a rich literature that revives our explorations of today. It takes us down division and a reality so scary and beautiful we have to keep tight grip for fear of letting go.

      According to Einstein and other scientist theories our time is relative and the extremes that are within can be infinite. These are the issues that I have keen interest on and the repercussions of them lead me to a great desire in the field of neurology and consciousness. This century’s technology has made a breakthrough in our imaginations and reshaped what we think is possible. The patterns that regulate even the minutest systems of energy hold promising keys to our future. Our grandparents might say there are no flying cars yet, but we are planning missions to the planet Mars and beyond.
Unfortunately we live in a highly unstable planet that is plagued with constant wars, diseases, and famine. Luckily we can have a feeling of optimism knowing that for every problem there is a solution and I hope that along with others I can contribute to the betterment of my planet. There might always be disagreements, but we all live under one roof and it’s a duty to learn from others and if I can teach them like they teach me, I am humbled at the opportunity.

       The effects of the growing number of the human population entitle the existing generations and the ones to come to a number of intellectual challenges in order to meet the demands of the world’s interest. Our habits and ignorance as a whole are to be modified if we want to live in a Utopia. The other option is to do nothing. This entails placing aside a near perfect world for radioactive- bio-hazardous wasteland. A way to learn how to change is to present the evidence in favor for better behavior and for others to learn by example. To truly appreciate the knowledge gained one must practice what has been learned. I am seeking to establish a career where my technical capabilities can be fused with the practice of healing and clinical research with a strong emphasis on prevention. Prevention starts at birth with the proposals given to us by our parental units. I plan to approach my practice studying new and ancient technologies in an attempt to demonstrate the benefits that all of us can partake by involving ourselves in the mission to re-establish ‘harmony’ within our planet.







Adapting to the emerging cryptic lifestyle ;)

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