An Interesting Take on Crypto Gambling

By Fipo | lurker | 29 Oct 2021


Although the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is volatile enough as it is, I figured I'd share a very interesting site I stumbled upon just recently. It is called "Hypedrop" and it offers you mystery boxes which you unbox instantly online. You can then choose to either have the items shipped or cash them in for crypto or fiat, either to unbox more or to withdraw. The boxes are priced from very a couple of dollars to a couple of thousand dollars. In my disclaimer down I will emphasize on the risks to ensure no one gets baited into thinking this is too good to be true. That being said, here are the things that make this service a lot better than other types of gambling ( in my opinion, of course) :

~ Provably fair, as most crypto casinos, and it does feel good knowing you're only up against luck rather than having to fight the house

~ Available in many countries ( check for yours ) and no VPN is required

~ You can see the possible outcomes with the corresponding percentages prior to unboxing/purchasing 

~ There is a free box you can unpack every day, starting from level 2 and boxes get better and better the higher level you become. "Bad" outcomes when unboxing will give you a lot of exp to level up as well the reward.

~ Fun. I like it.

There are also battle modes that run on the TRON blockchain and allow for even more profit but also tax you more if you were to lose.

Now it's time for the disclaimer.

!!! RISKY !!!  This still is essentially gambling and as such anyone can end up losing money. No good outcome is guaranteed and you might develop an addiction. However, there are many people that might enjoy it and if you feel like you want to give it a chance, I would highly recommend to do so. 

My referral link gives you 3 free boxes and 5% increase of your next deposit and I'll post the non-ref, no benefits one below for all the animal-haters 😀

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