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Choices (Part 1)

By chrysdarling19 | My Experiences | 20 Apr 2021

Q: Have I ever made a conscious choice of how I want to live my life? What I want in my life? What I would like to experience in life? What experience brings me the greatest joy and fulfilment?

A: When asked these questions I would say YES, I have recently made conscious choices of how I want to live and experience my life. In the one year of the coronavirus and community lockdowns, I got to spend plenty of time with myself. I came to realize how impactful conscious choices are to one's experience.

A conscious choice that I made during that one year was to fully trust all that I am, all of myself. In being responsible for myself, for everything that I am and everything that I have ever done. The choice that I made was easy to say out loud: I choose to trust all that I am and be responsible for all that I am. It was an easy action to share with myself, on how I wanted to experience my life.

Once the choice was made, I began to notice a transition within myself. What I noticed was, if there was a hindering within myself that obstructed my choice, it was presented to me to be integrated or released.

The integration for me mainly happened during dream state, where it was easier for me to be free to experience. Knowing that it was easier for me to release myself in dreams, my dreams became more vivid and magical. I could recall what I had dreamt and to an extent feel (sense) what the dream was all about.

In experiencing my obstructions in dreams and being able to bring them into my reality. I noticed that the hinderances were being presented less frequently. They were no longer noises that were too loud, for me to experience a life in which I fully trust all that I am.

As of now I have fully allowed myself to experience my choice and in doing so, I am getting to experience a life that brings me the greatest joy and fulfilment.

(Mini note to the reader): To anyone that might end up reading this. Get to make a choice of how you would like to experience your life. Once the choice is made allow yourself to experience and discover a little more about yourself. You'll be surprised on how magical you already are when you make a conscious choice for you.


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