Try This And Tell Me What You Saw

By luizbilang | LuizTalks | 27 Aug 2020

Hi! So I was invited by my direct friend to watch and follow a video from Youtube. It's just like closing your eyes and imagining what you're being told.

This one's a bit legit from my point of view since the speaker is an author. Basically it helps you get deeper "understanding" of yourself- past, present and future.

I do hope you'd try it out. The comments are promising!😂 even my direct friend told me it's great.

I tried it out. Reached 15 minutes but stopped because damn my head hurts and unknowingly I'm crying hahahaha.

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Hello! I'm from the Philippines, I'm 18 years old and currently a grade 12 student. I have been a Campus Journalist for almost 7 years so I am really fond of writing articles.


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