I Sent an Email To My Future Self

By luizbilang | LuizTalks | 20 Aug 2020

Friday, July 26, 2030

The day the email I sent is scheduled to deliver to myself 10 years from now. In the message, I talked about how I'm feeling right now. And I wrote an unfinished bucket list, I'd probably add more to it every month hahahaha.

While writing the letter, I felt mixed emotions. I was excited and worried at the same time. Excited to know what my reaction would be 10 years from now. But worried because I kept thinking if I would still be able to read this. Who knows what would happen next, right?

The email I sent also shows I think who I really am. I am a very sociable person so I don't really know what my personaluty is since I tend to change and adjust depending on who I'm talking to. In it, I also asked my future self trivial questions like, "Did you achieve your dream? ", "Do you have kids? Husband? Have you met your idol? "

It feels nice being able to at least talk to my future self. Even if I don't have the response yet, I'd probably laugh and cry 10 years after when it's time to read this email.

Anyway, I hope you're inspired to do the same thing. I guarantee that there's this fulfillment feeling after being able to send it. It feels so good hahahaha. If you did do this, comment below what you felt and some glimpse of what you wrote. Enjoy!

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