In the end I finished this 3D model, I really liked this robot =)

3D | Modeling Robot | Final Render

By LuisRL | LuisLRT | 1 Aug 2020

Finally I have the 3D model of this drawing, I really like how it turned out and the final renderings of the rendering, the only bad thing is that I couldn't do the robot tutorial, I had part of the robot already done, like around 50%, it had some layers turned off and preferred to finish it before creating it from scratch, the drawings of this robot that I worked about 4 months ago, I will create the tutorial at another time, it is also the drawing test that I did when I redrawn after a long time with my tablet.


Every time I work in 3D or other types of projects, a thought that tells me that what I am doing does not work, it is as if your mind tries to limit and tells you not to continue with the work, the good thing is that every time that I see the results In the end I feel much better with my work =).


Everything with practice is possible and you never limit yourself and you will continue to improve little by little until you master the work you are doing.


Now I will continue with the samples of the original drawing and the previews of the program.

Worked with:
Autodesk 3ds Max
Photoshop CC

Previews of the drawing using to create the model:


Previews from the program:







Final renderings of the robot:





Thank you very much and I hope you liked my post Greetings 😄

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