3 Effective Ways To Make Money Online In 2020 | Other Than Crypto

By Lucky-Ali | Lucky Ali | 10 Apr 2020




Hey beautiful people i am back again with the another awesome article for you. If you want to start some side business other than crypto then i have so many things for you but here i am going to share three things and i will share more tips as well in my upcoming posts just stay connected. Leaving steem and hive and joining below provided programs is idiotic thing so take this as a side business and if you have extra time then follow it and do it otherwise not.

1 Reselling And affiliate marketing


Reselling business is very powerful business. You can sell your own products on facebook marketplace, page and instagram. And if you not have any product, you can choose reselling. There are many platforms available for reselling. You can resell men's clothing, women's clothing, accessories, electronics, shoes and many things. Just pick best product Start sharing.

If you are not comfort then you can go for affiliate marketing. Just pick the popular eCommerce platform and visit the affiliate marketing section of that platform there you will get promotion materials of products. Choose your desired one. Anyway Here is some platform where you can share products and you will get orders.

  • Facebook marketplace, page & instagram: Guys i am personally using it. I have women's wear and getting daily 7 to 10 orders. The main things that you need to know is Add catchy title, provide cash on delivery, add relevant tags, provide measurement and material details in the description and upload HD images of your product. Add big city of your country first and if you not receive any query from the customers within 3 days, change your location to other city. And don't forget to reactivate your post on every 7 days. You can also share your product details on Instagram And many sellers are using it. Or else create a facebook page and by regular posting you will start receiving likes or else run the facebook ads one time. After that, You will get relevant traffic on your page. So just introduce your products to them.
  • Blog/Website : Starting ecommerce website is easy nowadays but for reselling and affiliate marketing you can choose blogging with SEO. You have to choose best low competition keywords of your products and just write article on it. Write review, comparison blog other details. You will get ranking on your posts in the google and bing. After that when you will start receiving traffic on your blog, you can add the affiliate link in your post. This is the best and cheapest way but here you have to do some hardwork and smartwork as well. I will cover SEO topic in my other post.

2 Sell your photos And art


Everyone have some special skill in body but you just need to identify it. But now it's time to sell your skill. Here i am talking about photography and art. There are bunch of platforms available where you can list your photos and art for sell. But make sure you have good skill of art. And photography as well. Designed photo is also important here. So taking photos is only not a important you can design it as well. Many bloggers are also buying photos from these platforms for commercial use. So i am sharing two important platforms here.

  • Artpal (art selling) : 147,000 artists are here. Artpal selling original art, prints, and custom framing so quality buyers are coming here to grab some art for commercial use. This is totally free and you don't have to pay any fees here. And here you will get paid instantly.You must add framed print, canvas, fine art print, description and mugs.
  • Shutterstock(photo selling) : Passionate photographers and Photo designer are selling their work here. And this is the global marketplace where buyers and sellers are meet from worldwide. Make money every time your content is downloaded by one of their worldwide customers. You just need to signup to get started.

3 Write a blog on popular websites


Wow Women on Writing,Strong Whispers, Link-Able, Cracked, Watch Culture, Developer Tutorials, B. Michelle Pippin, Metro Parent, Sitepoint and Uxbooth are the major website where you can write content start generating money. These are high paying sites and many topics are available so here you can choose and write from many topics. But many terms and conditions you need to follow, you can't publish copyright content here. And good english knowledge required as well. Try to write evergreen content to get more rewards. You can't share one article in both sites and this type of exchange not allowed here.

The plus point is in these platforms you are able to set your own price too. Wow site will pay up to $150.00 dollars for a 3,000 words article and other sites are also pay high but this is highest paying platform and this is only for females. Man can pick other platforms.

So that's it my friend if you have any question about above given information just jump to the comment box and write it. This is best side business for people who are passionate about these works. Take care.

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I am the passionate blogger web entrepreneur based on bodeli gujarat

Lucky Ali
Lucky Ali

I am the passionate blogger web entrepreneur based on bodeli gujarat. Love to write about Crypto, Blockchain, Life, Make Money and more

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