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The Brave Publisher 2

By Nathan6692 | LOVE STORY and FICTION | 29 Jan 2021

"Listen, young lady. If you do this to make money, you will not have to go this way, "the congressman said softly.

"Everything will be discussed without us having to fight. It's easy for me to talk to people. If you want a lucrative job, all you have to do is approach me. I can help you with ... "

"Thank you very much for your offer, Congressman, but I don't need it anymore," the girl replied seems a little angry to him . "I am happy with my work class even though I have a meager income. The important thing is my conscience is clear."

"What do you want to show from what you did?" the congressman asked, his voice becoming stern.

"Do you want to be judged by the tip of my gun? Is that what you want to happen, Revira? Who will leave this world early? "

"If you have nothing more to say, I will hang up the phone, Congressman. Maybe it would be better if you go to church first and so that your dark thoughts will be clarify. Good day."


Her whole body trembled as Julianne lowered the auditory to its position. She was almost catching her breath at the intensity of the emotion that enslaved herself. She became firm in talking to her caller but only then did she feel intense anxiety when she thought about the last thing her interlocutor said.

My God, is this another danger I will face now? Will that congressman prove his threat against me?

"Oh, aren't you stunned now? Maybe you can believe me that what I'm saying is not exaggerated," Francia raised an eyebrow at her.

She threw a sharp look at her. "Come on before I hit you," she said, pulling her hand out of the reception area.

"My God, maybe that congressman did not just say intimidation, "Francia said with a broken face due to the intensity of the fear of being enslaved." "Oh, again. I will definitely wakeful because of fear again. "

"If her threat is as real as the ones we collided with then we will deal with it, Francia," Julianne said in a firm voice.

"Their threats will not work for me. They are even more challenging my ability to expose the stench they are hiding to the public. Because until someone like Congressman Ravelo flies around, our country is unlikely to prosper, they are the thorn in our side of development."

Huh! I am nervous about your girl, "Francia exclaimed.

" You may not know the group you are colliding with, a group of Congressmen who are influential in the law. Maybe instead of them being punished, you will be imprisoned. That person is known for being cunning, so much so that none of the authorities want to retaliate against them. "

Julianne ignored what her partner said. Instead, she focused on the front of the car she was driving. They are already along the South Superhighway to NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport). Now the arrival of her Japanese friend Akitoshi, a eleven year old older than her. She met him at Narita Airport once a group of media people who were with her toured in Japan. It has been calling her ever since. Sending various packages. He has visited her at work several times. He is not only had a souvenir but also his gay friend and his boss.

That is why they voted for the young widow who would have been able to stay with her. But it never show love to her even though she feels that the man likes her. And she prefers not to mention any feelings it has for her. Because she does not want to offend him in case he dares to woo.

She likes the young man but only as a friend.

Julianne parked her car in the parking lot and continued on her way to the arrival gate, followed by Francia. She was already known as the media of the guards scattered around so Francia was able to enter them freely inside the airport. She saw Akitoshi's flight number flash.

"We arrived just right. His airplane had just arrived," Francia said.

Julianne turned to the vacant seat and occupied it. Her friend followed her. Both of them followed the sight of the those newcomers. Francia shuddered when she saw who they were waiting for. Julianne waved at it when she saw it. With a wide smile the Japanese stepped towards their whereabouts.

"WELCOME back to our country, Akitoshi, "Julianne greeted the foreign guest with great pleasure. She let him hug her."

"It is good that you have come to our country in glory."

When Julianne saw at the pair of eyes staring at them. On its lips played teasing smiles.

Andrei... ! she said in a daze. She felt her heart leap at the sight of the young man she had not seen for more than two months, and there was no news of where he had gone. Gosh! He also arrived today! But what country is he from?

"How are you, Akitoshi?" she heard Francia ask.

"I'm fine, France. Thank you for meeting me."

"Oh, so you know how to speak our language?"

"He's studying our language, France," Julianne explained.

"He said he wanted to learn to speak our language other than his fluency in English."

"It's good then,isn't ?" proactive according to gay.

"So that my tongue will not be wrapped around English in front of him."

The two laughed at what Francia said. Suddenly a shocking sound shook the whole area.

"God be merciful! What is that? "Exclaimed Francia who was stunned.

"It would be better for you to take Akitoshi, France."said Julianne, a little nervous.

"I'll investigate first what we heard. Take care of him first."

Before either of them could speak, the girl ran away. Following the people who were running fast, their screams were deafening. Julianne's chest twitched as she saw a car in the parking lot consumed by fire.


My God ... She exclaimed when her car realized the source of the explosion. She ran towards it. Anger rise due to the suspicion residing in her chest.

When she saw two men approaching her, both were wearing black jackets. She was surrounded, so she ran away from them. She mingled with people running fast.

She saw a car with the compartment slightly open. She did not hesitate to climb into the compartment. The girl was nervous inside the compartment when she heard footsteps approaching the car she was hiding in.

My God, sh whispered earnestly when the footsteps stopped right in front of her. She almost held her breath so as not to create any slight noise. Yet she prepared herself for whatever would happen.

The light spread inside the compartment when it opened. Julianne unleashed a powerful blow. That hit the face of the person who opened the hood of the compartment. Julianne's eyes widened as the man crossed the ground. She remained inside the compartment, with her head bowed outside.

"A-Andrei ...!" The word barely came out of hernmouth. She did not think it was the owner of the car she was hiding in.

"What are you doing inside my car compartment?" Andrei's voice was still cold on the ice.It recovered from the shock but a palm touched one of the noses where the girl's fist hit.

"H-hhmmm, can I explain later? "The girl replied confused."

"It's a matter of life and death so you can operate this car. So that I can get away from here ... "

She wanted to help the young man now look at her intently but she was overcome with great fear. Andrei stood up and pulled out a handkerchief. Wipe his bloody nose.

"Get out of my car, will you?" it said in an authorized voice.

"Please, Andrei. Give me a break in your compartment first. It's an emergency ..."

"Look, I just arrived from HongKong. Let me rest. Then interview me, not now."

"That's not my goal with you," Julianne said with pleading eyes.





Next episode.....

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