Block Members intends to revolutionize Auto-Construction financing, so on the Block Members platform you can allow everyone to buy a stake so everyone can buy a member placement through the Mega Block, the Monetized and Mechanized Block (MBU)

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Block Members intends to revolutionize Auto-Construction financing, so on the Block Members platform you can allow everyone to buy a stake so everyone can buy a member placement through the Mega Block, the Monetized and Mechanized Block (MBU), with the Mega Universal Building System, Hurricane Homes, will include a complete construction unit for construction, engineering and financial standardization, including tokenization such as securitization and mass production of construction units being complete or almost complete (MBUs) for construction and financing of any building or structure that can use a standardized block system, among them as leveling rails, conduit interconnect grids, vacuum connections, common cranes, robotic, human intelligent cranes, thus allowing the financing and calculations of single units or entire buildings through any blockchain financial technology as this sun uction can interconnect conduit grids, insulation, structural reinforcement and leveling foundation rails as well as self-leveling foundation rails among many engineering components, Block Members will be a solution for everyone to enjoy the profits of an industry that tend to grow because this Block Members strategy can create dozens of new industries and allow the future development of many others as everyone can participate financially through the construction market and its financial components, with professional management and engineering Block Members can include many materials, shapes, panels, panels, plates, blocks, systems and various materials to create a building in an extremely profitable way giving greater efficiency to the moment as the current options are full of delays and inefficiencies, as well as planning, design, construction and demolition, through Block Members has eliminated the waste of valuable resources, both in manufacturing and on site, thus ensuring greater efficiency, with uncomplicated design and avoiding mistakes, Block Members will bring results to the team through various stages, so Block Members will be able to bring the best results to the construction itself, buildings may have better ratings than current ones for more information visit the website and read the white paper for more details



BlockMembers will be creating the first digital token that will equal the tangible value in support of a newly launched car construction sector. This way it will become a pioneer in this market as well. The digital token will be referred to as a member of the space reserved for members with the acronym MP, it will be a fungible token with the ERC 20 standard so it will have an initial launch value of US $ 0.10USD and according to the team it will have a limited amount of 120 million, as the member will be able to support the growth and development of Auto Construction, thus through a new industry that will be able to build positively through reduced costs and waste, resulting in safer housing, accessible to all, giving an opportunity to but in the market that way As the auto construction industry grows, all owners of member spaces will benefit greatly from the property that way it will be in exchange for a block If a member has only one MP, he will be able to exchange 1 block of modular building unit giving more option and vitality with 2 associations, they will be able to negotiate 2 blocks at a time like this This may result in growth exponentially of a member's holdings over time giving more profitability and liquidity to the same added value so according to the BlockMembers team A member will be able to trade with just one block, and as their assets increase or they will have the option to trade thousands of MBUs for trade in this way BlockMembers will bring houses or buildings, all in a totally digital and TRANSPARENT way without having to enter the physical world, BlockMembers will be offering everyone the chance to improve their lives and everyone will be able to enjoy the efficacy of blockchain technology through of stable tokens 



-1989 - 2014

Background Research

-2014 - Present

Robotics Software System Development


System Concept


Design and Consulting


Engineering and Patenting


Architecture / Ciivil Engineering / Development


Membership Program


Membership Sale


Open Block Exchange DApp


Design Program Software Integration


Robotic Builder Drone Site Test


Housing Availability for Members


Lilium Electric Jet Contracts Open


IPO & Franchising



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