Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seed Change

By Buzzbeeg | Love, God, and Murder | 10 Sep 2020



Mark 4:30-32

What shall we say the Kingdom of God is like?” asked Jesus. “What parable shall we use to explain it? It is like this. A man takes a mustard seed, the smallest seed in the world, and plants it in the ground. After a while it grows up and becomes the biggest of all plants. It puts out such large branches that the birds come and make their nests in its shade.”

Mustard seeds are tiny. They are so small that I could drop one in your garden, tell you where it is and you still wouldn't find it. But if it found good soil and was in the right conditions it would eventually be the largest plant in your field.
Sometimes I wonder what God is doing in my life and I honestly don't know. I used to feel guilty about this. Now I just smile and think about all the mustard seeds He is planting in my heart. Someday, the last scripture verse I read will come out in my life and I will say "where did that come from?!" To all my fellow Christians remember that the Kingdom of Heaven is at work in your life; especially when you can't see it!

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Love, God, and Murder
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