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Never wanna give up

By lostCrypto | Lost Crypto Blog | 7 Feb 2023

I am a hardcore crypto lover.

In 2018 while sitting on a beach with my mates and discussing about AI I was dragged into this world of digital currency. I wasn't even sure what this buzzword was but still wanted to buy some hardware and start mining.

So this was my first official rig, One CPU and 3 Laptops mining XMR.


Then one day while browsing the Facebook Marketplace I saw a guy selling 4 x RX580s for AU$400. I jumped off my bed drove over 100Ks and bought them all. It took me a month to assemble them on a wooden frame and build this masterpiece


This was just the beginning.

My curiosity kept on pushing me deeper and deeper into the world of Crypto. I upgraded my mines and added so many bits and pieces to it.

In year 2022 I was mining:

1. BTC (main GPU mine)

2. CHIA (Barebone PC)

3. XMG (Raspberry Pi's)

4. DUCO (NodeMCU)

All managed by a hardware watchdog


Since the day I first started mining XMR until now, I have upgraded my mines multiple times. 

When I was full on with mining and crypto, Mr Vitalik decided to move ETH from PoW to PoS. That broke me big time.

However, I am not going to give up at any cost. I am pretty positive that soon a good man will come up with a good solution to my crumbling sand castle of crypto. So, this is how my current setup looks like.


Hoping for the sun to rise soon....


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