Dead Coins : Coins Forgotten By This Universe

By lostCrypto | Lost Crypto Blog | 2 Aug 2023

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The desire to earn a bit of extra cash pushed me into the world of doggy style crypto mining. I found this website "" which allowed me to install hidden miners on my website to earn some JSEcoins. 


I earned a fair bit of these coins by mining JSE coin using the computational power of my fellow subscribers. I was doing pretty well until the website decided to declare JSEcoin as a deadcoin. The website officially closed on 21st of April 2020.




JSEcoin ended up in the row of the Dead Coins. A dead coin is a digital currency that is no longer viable for trade as it has ceased to exist.


How Can You Identify a Dead Coin?

A cryptocurrency can become DEAD when:

  • Its development is halted as the developers walked away
  • There is no one that uses or trades the coin 
  • It was exposed as a scam coin
  • The coin don't have an active website or nodes
  • The coin has low volume 
  • The coin has a buggy wallet
  • Mime coins/Joke Coins 90% of the times end up as dead coins

The crypto craze is alive and kicking! More and more people are getting involved in this digital world of craziness. The Internet is buzzing with these Digital currencies, Crypto games, NFTs and more, all backed up by these new and emerging cryptocurrencies. However, not all of these coins survive for long. In general, thousands of cryptocurrency projects or initial coin offerings (ICOs) have failed and are no longer operational.

The Dead Coins project started in 2017. The cryptocurrency community has so far added almost 1729 dead coins to the list.  


Where Can I Find A List Of All The Dead Coins?

Check out the below websites to find the complete list of dead coins.

If you are unfortunate like me to hold Deadcoins, go ahead and submit your list on the website.

However, if there is enough interest, the dead coins can be brought back to life and revalued.

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