Introducemyself : I'm Italian Romantic Singer-Songwriter, blockchain skywalker

I'm Italian Romantic Singer-Songwriter
Music is my life
Poetry is my joy
Practice is my earth
QmWAif7iLNrBhpXaWs2ZmAjpMy1qcyAWCNpe8jfNiGq2TcHere it is one of my last release, rising fund for :QmQf2ZESrH9P3R6wQ7KVaLMnUJHSFEd9s8mT9dw975eh1vHalf of each reward stream go to @chinotattooart aka Alexander Rondon. A great artist painter. Find him on Steemit
Listen right here:

I'm Musicoin ambassador
I promote Musicoin with my passion and with my music inside and outside the blockchain world.
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Blockchain Enthusiastic Blogger
Here it is one of my blog platform

My music on Musicoin app:

My music on Choon too:

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Lorenzo The big Brain
Lorenzo The big Brain

Italian Romantic Songwriter and Musicoin believer


An Italian Romantic Songwriter creating music from blockchain collaboration. Follow this trip, music trip, in differents style, one poetry.

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