Community PublishOx Charter : Universal Blockchain Human Rigths - 10. Eradicate poverty in the world ? (draft)

Hi to al great PublishOx dreamers

I'd like try to create with you a Charter. Maybe someone else already started in the past.
Anyway I was inspired by the 
What do you think?
I have a dream like you I think : to Eradicate poverty in the world
So please I really need to know if this 10 points vibrate inside you.
And I really need your help to create a blockchain charter, to try to keep the faith inside this craza world.

Here it is a first draft of Universal Blockchain Human Rigth

  1. Respect content in all its diversity.
  2. Recognize that all blockchain bloggers are interdependent and every post has value regardless of its worth econimic.
  3. Affirm faith in the potential of each blogger.
  4. Care for the community with understanding, compassion, and love
  5. Accept that with the right to own, manage, and use copyright comes the duty to protect the rights of each users.
  6. Affirm that with increased freedom, knowledge, and power comes increased responsibility to promote the common good
  7. Build democratic community that are just, participatory, sustainable, and peaceful
  8. Ensure that community guarantee human rights and fundamental freedoms and provide everyone an opportunity to realize his or her full potential.
  9. Promote social and economic justice, enabling all to achieve a secure and meaningful livelihood
  10. Eradicate poverty in the world

Here it is an example. The stream PPP smart contract of this song is going to distribute half of incame to @chinotattooart a great Venezuela artist I meet on the blockchain and I collaborate with. Please press play it takes a few seconds before player starts.

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Lorenzo The big Brain
Lorenzo The big Brain

Italian Romantic Songwriter and Musicoin believer


An Italian Romantic Songwriter creating music from blockchain collaboration. Follow this trip, music trip, in differents style, one poetry.

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