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This is probably the first-ever tweet referring to Bitcoin, and certainly one of the most iconic tweets of all time. More than 13 years later, Bitcoin is still running strong and playing a major part in shaping the world as we know it. Hal Finney, the author of the tweet, was also the recipient of the first Bitcoin transaction, receiving 10 BTC from Satoshi Nakamoto, which was worth next to nothing back then.

Today though, it's a completely different story.

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It has now been more than 11 years since Satoshi submitted his final public post on the Bitcoin forum and we last heard from this mysterious stranger / group of strangers. Being able to just casually walk away and disappear without a trace after providing the world with such powerful 'machinery' - to quote Hal Finney - is mind-blowing to me. This just makes everything 100 times better.

The truth is Bitcoin doesn't need Satoshi to keep running, and will probably keep running smoothly in a thousand years from now unless we stumble upon some sort of great filter as a species, or even worse, self-destruct in the pursuit of power. However, I do believe it is a good thing that the identity of the creator of Bitcoin remains a mystery that will most likely never be solved. Even though a few things do come to mind, in reality I don't have a clue who Satoshi is, but I'm sure he knew he had to stay anonymous for Bitcoin to succeed and become what it is today.

Bitcoin gave birth to a trillion-dollar industry which takes control from governments and central banks, and puts it right back into the hands of the people, and it's a good thing that the corrupt fossils running the world don't have an entity to frame and blame for this. Satoshi is just another anonymous node on the network, which is how it should be, especially in an era when our privacy rights are under attack from pretty much all directions, to the point that even our personal finances have become an asset for corporate analysis.

With Bitcoin becoming more and more popular as the years go by, people speculate on the identity of the creator of Bitcoin and the reasons why he decided to remain anonymous and put his product above himself, but personally, I honestly do not want to ever find out. This is strange as I'm generally a very curious person who asks questions all the damn time and needs a reasonable explanation for everything, including the creation of the universe - which by the way cannot be explained through human logic, as it basically hints that at some point, something came out of nothing.

That said, reading through Satoshi's posts on Bitcointalk, which I highly recommend to anyone looking for fun ways to spend their spare time, it's more than obvious that he wished people would focus on Bitcoin itself, and work to improve it instead of wondering about his identity. The popularization and adoption of cryptocurrency was all he cared about, and it seems he believed that the possibility of him being framed as a villain working behind the scenes would be detrimental to the cause of Bitcoin. Well, with everything going on in the world approximately thirteen years later, I think it's easy to understand Satoshi's motives.

So, who is Satoshi and why did he choose anonymity? Even though we will probably never figure out the former, we do have a few reasonable explanations for the latter, but in reality none of it matters. Just like it doesn't really matter whether or not you understand how Bitcoin or crypto in general works. All that matters is that we now have a way out of the central banking mess that is responsible for pretty much everything going wrong in the world today.

Bitcoin is still running, but the game of Bitcoin hasn't even started yet, and it feels great to be part of the crypto revolution that has the potential to reshape the way we communicate value to each other and perform transactions on a global scale. We are witnessing history in the making, and it's not about Satoshi Nakamoto. It's about all of us.

That sums it all up for now.

Never forget!


I'm just a random guy with opinions. This is by no means financial advice. Just my personal thoughts and experiences.

Have a good one everyone,

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