Alt coin analysis for October

The video below goes through a range of alternate coins to Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is always useful to get other people's opinions and insights into different crypto currencies before making any crypto mining or purchasing decisions.

Here is the link to the video on LBRY - LBRY - Alt coins - Oct 2020

If you have not heard of LBRY before, it is a crypto alternative to Youtube, that allows you to tip contributors and posters in LBRY tokens and also earn some yourself along the way. If you are thinking of joining LBRY, please use my link so we both earn some LBRY tokens - Joining LBRY

Here is another video, this time on Youtube, going through the alt coins that may be of interest for the month of October :)

What alt coins do you follow, buy or mine? I personally like a range of coins including - LBRY, BAT, NIMIQ, Idena and Electroneum.

Happy trading!






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Pretty new to crypto.

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