A crypto alternative to Youtube

Odysee, formerly LBRY is a censorship resistant, free to use, Youtube equivalent. As Youtube and the other tech giants move more and more into the realm of controlling, censoring, shadow banning or even banning content and creators, it is time to support the crypto versions of Youtube that are censorship resistant, reward content and content creators, and also allow you, the viewer, to earn crypto for using the platform.

If you have not yet tried Odysee, use my link to sign up and get free LBRY tokens just for signing up - Odysee sign up

It is time to support all the crypto platforms, all the free platforms, all the platforms that keep the internet running, keep it free and accessible to all, as well as ensuring that free speech, that debate is allowed, supported and even encouraged!!!

An increasing number of crypto commentators are on Odysee including Nugget's News, Bitboy Crypto, Crypto Lark, Crypto Tips and many more.

Here are some examples of the video content on Odysee.:

Memecoin Discussion

Energy Crisis, Oil Shortage

Shiba Inu Coins

Bitcoin and Shiba Inu discussion

Taiwan Discussion - Epoch Times

BitBoy Crypto Channel



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