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By Lolahuss | Lolahuss | 7 Jul 2019

Why has our life become difficult and complex?

  • Everyone complains .. Big and small .. Rich and poor .. We hear the same words on everyone's tongue .. Life is difficult and boring and the burden is increasing day by day .. The more income the increased requirements.


  • A few days ago I saw an explanation for Sheikh Al Sharawi answer the most difficult question we all have why life has become complicated and everyone complains day and night ?! the human to live his life according to his income and determine his income according to his income if this equation turned his life turned to hell .. And hit the example of a person who goes to the market and buy what allows his money, whether one day or more and focuses on goods that fit his pocket without others Do not tempt any delicious food does not have the price .. This person returns himself and his children to consume commensurate with the salary of the family does not settle for the fire of debt.

On the contraryfor example, hit someone else who goes to the market and borrows to buy the most delicious and expensive foods. He enters into the spiral of humiliation and is surrounded by the desire of his children to imitate others by buying goods that are not commensurate with his income.

Another explanation for my friend Salwa Al-Shini, who surprised me by asking me as a mid-sixties child, "is not that our generation is beginning to spoil children by rolling them out?"

She believes that our parents were primarily interested in planting values ​​and principles in our souls and promises to live according to their social and economic conditions and we were happy and satisfied .. But something happened when it came to us, we focused on buying the most famous brands of clothes and the most expensive foods for our children even if our economic conditions Do not allow this .. We have increased in their peddling and did not do with them what our fathers did ..

And the generations after us continued to apply these wrong patterns in education, and the result is that we complain about the pressures of life and what we do we can not meet the demands of our children who complain and do not like the wonder .. We who sinned from the beginning and continue every day to commit this sin.







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