FC Barcelona Tokens are on the way - Chiliz (CHZ)

Hello guys, I hope you are doing well. It's been a few days since my last article, I was busy because there was some mess at work. But here I am and I'm ready to share interesting things with you. 

So here is the thing. I don't know about you guys but I loooove football and as everybody here I like crypto things and recently, Chiliz announced the released of the FC Barcelona's Fan Token Offer (FTO). If it's a mix of things I like, I definitely want to tell you about it.


It seems that only 500,000 tokens (BAR) will be available for sale. If you guys wants to buy some you will have to go to the Chiliz website or to the Socios website. Then you will have to buy some Chiliz (CHZ) that you can exchange for BARs. And then, well it will be like the old fashioned way : first come first served.

It seems that for this occasion the price of BAR will be set at 2 euros and this will probably be the only opportunity to get it for that price. Then the value will be indexed on the performance of the club as well as on the commitment of the fans.

I have no affiliate link to share with you because I have not yet made a decision regarding any investment. I do not in any way encourage you to buy these tokens because I am not a financial advisor. However, I really like this kind of crypto project related to sport (I had already presented an article on a project related to the NBA) and I found it interesting to share this with you.

As a supporter I find it quite cool to be able to make one's opinion heard on our favorite club thanks to cryptocurrencies. And in addition, it will contribute to the collective Blockchain awakening. This project will inevitably have an impact on mentalities because damn, we are talking about FC Barcelona which is one of the biggest football clubs in Europe and in the World.

Do not hesitate to tell me in the comments if you know the project and what you think about it. You can also debate who is the best club between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day, stay safe ! 

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