My Top 3 Sources For Earning Passive Bitcoin & Crypto

By LocoSocioCrypto | LocoSocioCrypto | 6 Feb 2024

Although I love purchasing Bitcoin, Ether and other crypto with fiat - I much prefer earning it for FREE. In my experience, the majority of passive Bitcoin opportunities (I'm looking at you Rollercoin) take way too much time for the measly returns they can generate. Below, you will find 2 very passive methods of earning additional Bitcoin, and 1 method which requires a bit more work. Happy stackin'!

Method #1: Publish0x Writing


Kicking things off is none other than the website you are currently on! While technically not 100% passive, my earnings on Publish0x have been relatively great, given the time I have put in. Best of all, I actually enjoy producing content for the site. So far, since joining the site, I have earned over $20 worth of crypto! My full breakdown can be found below:


As you can see, I have earned $21.86 just by writing and tipping posts here on Publish0x. Hardly life changing, but a nice little chunk of change none the less! By far I have been most successful by entering contests and winning rewards from these. For example, my top 2 posts have earned $5.27 and $7.62 respectively - both of which were the result of winning a portion of the prize pool in a contest. Best of all. should ETH and OP continue to grow in value, these amounts could easily rise as well. If writing is not your thing, you can always earn a little change just from tipping too!

Method #2: Ember Fund


Ember - Earn Crypto - Apps on Google Play

Ember Fund is an app which I previously wrote a review for (check my blog for further details). As mentioned in my review, Ember Fund is an app which pays you in Bitcoin simply for clicking a 'miner' button once every 24 hours. You do not actually mine Bitcoin through this app - instead you earn a certain number of satoshis per hour based on how many people you've referred and how you use the app. On average I earn anywhere between 12 to 27 satoshis per hour which can be up to 650 satoshis per day - just for clicking a button once!

Ember Fund makes money by having people invest in one of the many portfolios they offer - of which they charge a management fee. Since downloading the app, I have not used any of their portfolios and have just been using their 'miner' feature to stack sats. I have withdrawn numerous times from the app to my cold storage, so the payout is legit. All told, I have earned 331,986 sats (equivalent to $141.57 in USD) so far and I continue to earn more every day, without having to put any of my own money into the app!

If you are interested, please sign up using my referral code ***HERE***and we will both get a bonus boost on our miner!

Method #2: Shakepay


I have saved the highest earning source I use for last. Unfortunately, this app is currently only available for Canadians, but boy is it incredible! I previously wrote a review about Shakepay on my blog as well, though since that review, they have added even more features for earning free Bitcoin. As you can see from my screenshot below, I have so far earned over 1 MILLION free satoshis since downloading the app (value shown is in CAD).


Shakepay is primarily an exchange where one can buy Bitcoin. However, one can earn additional free satoshis through the following ways:

  • Shakin' sats: Shake your phone and earn a progressively higher amount of BTC once per day. Rewards cap off at 1,000 satoshis per day once you reach a 365 day streak, and continue to pay out 1,000 satoshis per day until you forget to shake. At that point, you would have to restart
  • Shakepay credit card: This card gives a certain percentage back of any purchase you make with it in satoshis, directly deposited into your account. Cash back is 2% on your first $5,000 and 1% thereafter. Random purchases can also be "shakepaid" where your entire purchase is paid back to you in Bitcoin too!
  • Shakesquad: Team up with up to 4 friends and earn 42 bonus satoshis whenever one of your friends using his/her credit card as well
  • Direct deposit: Elect to get your paycheque direct deposited into the app and you have the chance to get bonus rewards every pay day.

Shakepay has by far been my highest passive earner for Bitcoin, and I seriously doubt any source anywhere can compete with its minimal work required/high reward ratio. If you want to sign up, please use my referral code ***HERE***


As you can see, I have earned a total of $731.45 worth of crypto with ZERO money down using these 3 sources - and I continue to earn more every single day!

BITCOIN - $709.59 USD

ETHER - $17.33

OPTIMUM - $4.53

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and please follow my blog to hear more in the future!

Referral Links:

***Ember Fund***


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