3 Grand Plans I Have For My Crypto Stack

By LocoSocioCrypto | LocoSocioCrypto | 7 Feb 2024

Hey all! In this article, I'd like to cover 3 'grand plans' I have for my crypto and how I plan on using it in the future. Let me know in the comments section what your plans are for your crypto!

1. I'm Going To Continue To HODL My Bitcoin For A LONG Time


Let's start with the big boy - my BTC stack. To be totally honest, I don't see myself even thinking about selling any of my Bitcoin for at least 10 more years. Why you ask? For me, the potential ceiling is so high that I can't even consider selling some now and losing out on the potential gains I can accrue over the next 10 years. I firmly believe that Bitcoin is not going anywhere, the 'flippening' with ETH is never going to happen, and that BTC can easily reach 6 figures in the next 10 years.

So when would I consider selling it? Well, slightly tied to my next point, I would consider selling some of it if its value made it so that I could pay off a majority of, or all of a future mortgage of mine. For example, if I can knock off 50% of my mortgage amount by selling Bitcoin, this will greatly reduce my payments, and with the excess cash I can continue to invest in Bitcoin through DCA as well. However, I would probably make sure to keep at least 0.1 BTC for myself going forward in the following 10 years as well to help ride out even more potential gains. HODL on!

2. I'm Going To Sell A Portion Of My ETH and Altcoins To Help With A Down Payment On A House


I do not currently own a house of my own. However, owning my own house is definitely big a goal of mine. As nice as it would be to sit on my crypto forever, eventually I do want to use it to help me advance in life. Owning a home provides me with security (no one can kick you out), provides me with a valuable asset that can appreciate over time, and gives me a space that I can truly make my own

Selling a portion of my ETH as well as my altcoins in the future can (hopefully) help greatly in giving me a good sum to put down as a down payment. As nice as it is to look at my computer screen and see the value of my crypto holdings going up, I also know that sitting out in my backyard, sipping on a cold beer and admiring my amazing garden (I'm a green thumb) would give me just as much pleasure too. My crypto holdings can be useful in helping me reach this goal.

3. I'm Going To Continue To DCA Into Bitcoin And Ether 


Beyond just owning a home, I have many other financial goals I am working towards too. By continuing to DCA into BTC and ETH on the regular, I am also hopefully helping my future self with things such as retirement income, building emergency savings and other life expenses such as future medical bills, vacations or even future education studies.

Continuing to hold and build a solid crypto portfolio will help me with all of these things, and ultimately reduce the amount of hours I need to work to accomplish the same result - make your money work for you!

***What are some 'grand plans' that you have for your crypto portfolio? Leave your thoughts in the comments and please subscribe to keep up to date on all my content!***

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