BlockFi Adds Support for Wire Transfers to Buy Crypto
BlockFi Wire Deposits

BlockFi Adds Support for Wire Transfers to Buy Crypto

By Locobakemono | Locobakemono | 22 Mar 2020

BlockFi now supports cash to buy crypto with their new added feature allowing bank wire of USD.

  • Earning up to 8.6% on USD-denominated assets
  • Wires sent to BlockFi will immediately be exchanged for Gemini Dollars (GUSD)
  • Available in approved US States and Internationally.

Limited Time Promotion 3/10/20 and 3/31/20!

  • Make one wire transfer of $1,000+ and earn $25 in free BTC
  • Your free $25 in BTC will be paid out with your March Interest Statement on April 1st, 2020

Note: this promotion is applicable for one wire per client and must meet all promotion terms.


  • Please note that your bank might charge you transfer fees, please contact your Bank for clarification.
  • Offer is only available during the Wire Launch Promotion period
  • All wires that come in between 3/10 and 3/31 (Wire Promo Assets) are eligible for a 1% cash back boost paid out on 7/1/20. Source: BlockFi

You may be asking, why is this announcement important and how does this relate to me? Well, if you are like me and are looking for ways to increase your wealth through Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology, then, Welcome and it is a pleasure meeting you.

It is interesting to see how people choose to invest their money in both bull and bear markets as people try to diversify to hedge their bets or go all in in hopes of a moon landing.

According to BlockFi CEO Zac Prince

“We’ve found that older generations are more likely to invest in stablecoins, as they’re more risk-averse, while our Gen Z, Millennial and Gen X clients are more likely to own Bitcoin and Ethereum,”.

Source: Cointelegraph

With growing concerns as seen in both the Stock Markets and Crypto Markets over growing Pandemic and Recession concerns, having a stable option of financial growth seems like a safe bet in a volatile situation.

Quick Note: Silvergate Bank handling the Wire Transfers, according to their published data is Member FDIC and Equal Housing Lender that works with industry leaders in Digital Currency and Fintech. Additionally, some notable businesses they serve are Coinbase, Kraken, Bitstamp, Paxos, TrustToken, and BlockFi to name a few.


BlockFi Wire Transfers: How It Works

BlockFi How-it-Works


Please do your own Research (DYOR) before risking any of your financial assets, I am not a financial advisor and all information provided is for entertainment purposes and not financial advice. Please contact an certified financial advisor before investements in order to protect your assets.

On that note, please feel free to use my Refer-A-Friend if you are interested in earning interest on your Cryptocurrency.

Lastly, I pray that Jesus Christ will Bless you and guide you in life through your Faith and Trust in Him. Stay safe out there everyone, , and remember to Pray, Stack, and Stake.


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