LiteBringer: Learn how to begin your journey in the crypto world, understanding how the game works and getting started in your adventure
Litecoin: The backbone of LiteBringer

LiteBringer: Learn how to begin your journey in the crypto world, understanding how the game works and getting started in your adventure

  • How LiteBringer works
  • What is it going to cost
  • Acquiring Litecoin free or low volume
  • Sending to the in-game wallet

LiteBringer (LTB) is the newest role-playing game from CipSoft, but unlike most RPGs where all you need is a simple credit card to get started, this game runs on a blockchain. With the announcement from the BBC about PayPal, cryptocurrency is almost as good as cash right now. For those of you who already have experience in this world, this guide isn’t for you. But if you’re already feeling intimidated, hopefully this should shine a little light on the mystery behind all of this.

What makes LiteBringer tick

This game is built on the Litecoin (LTC) blockchain which was chosen for its quicker block times (speed), low transaction fees (cost) and general acceptance. Blockchain refers to small groups or “blocks” of transactions “chained” together. By creating transactions on the ledger, actions are finalized. Each of these transactions cost a nominal fee.

What is this game going to cost to play

For simplicity, LiteBringer uses the term “lites” to pay for everything in the game. For reference, 1.0 LTC is equal to 1000 lites. The game requires every active character to purchase a 30-day subscription to play, ultimately allowing up to 20 active subscriptions per account. Once subscribed, every time the characters are ready to go questing it’s going to cost a fee to send them out. How big of a fee? My fee was 0.00138 lites. You can get almost 1,500 actions for the price of one 30-day subscription right now which costs two lites.

This of course means you are going to need some LTC. There may be several different ways to acquire some depending on your regional jurisdictions and regulations. Purchasing from an exchange can be the most common avenue of approach. For the uninitiated, the entire ordeal from choosing a wallet to finding a way to convert fiat to crypto, then transferring them back and forth can be maddening.

How to get LTC

There are a few different options available to get started right away. To give the newest players an opportunity to try out the game, CipSoft included a limited-time faucet in the settings menu. Keep in mind it can only be claimed once per account, and because of the popularity of this feature it may be unavailable. If you are having trouble getting it to work, stop by the official Discord and leave a message in the “emergency-faucet” request channel. It may take some time, but a generous community member or admin should be able to help you out.

Purchasing small amounts

As another option, you could simply purchase LTC to get started. Most places that do offer LTC for sale require a minimum purchase. One potential option if you live in the European Union is AnycoinDirect. Offering services that take payments for crypto for as little as a $10 purchase, LTC can be sent directly to the wallet of your choosing.

Earning free coins

Now imagine a situation where you could learn about existing crypto projects and for simply answering a couple questions correctly, they’d pay you. Enter Coinbase Earn. That’s right. These guys are paying people to learn about and how to use cryptocurrency. It’s like they’re giving away free money for learning about money. There are lessons on EOS, XLM, COMP and more. Sign-up, complete the tasks when prompted and that’s it.


If you’re eligible to participate (sometimes you end up on a wait list), all it takes is watching a short video and answering a simple question, and almost instantly you’ll find yourself in possession of some actual crypto. Each lesson highlights a different aspect of a project. Once you’ve gotten an award, it needs to be converted to LTC. Since Coinbase is an exchange, it’s simple to swap the currency at its current market value into LTC and then send it to your LiteBringer wallet. To swap, all you need to do is select what you want to convert from and then select LTC as the desired result.

Sending your coins to your in game wallet

Afterwards to send your newly acquired LTC, click send, copy your LiteBringer wallet address (found in settings, it starts with ltc1) into the receiver’s address and select the amount of LTC you want to send. Don’t be alarmed if the final total is less than you started with after the conversion. Remember those fees for transactions? Select “continue” to verify the transaction and make sure the addresses match, then click “send now” to send the LTC.

Once the outgoing transaction to your LiteBringer wallet has been sent by Coinbase, you’ll find your lites waiting for you in game. From there the options become vast, but at least hopefully this first hurdle has been dealt with and you are now officially exploring the world that is LiteBringer.


Through a blending of traditional RPG fundamentals and a twist on smart contract innovation, CipSoft has completely removed an element from online gaming once thought to be essential and necessary. The game’s technical details illustrate how choosing this platform allows for a unique situation allowing true item permanence, effective randomness and stable pacing. Because every action is registered as a transaction on the blockchain or related to the hashing of the completed block, the players themselves become their own server as they play. Their actions verified in a transparent record. In a time where NFTs are finding themselves in modern art applications, you can now own the private key to your piece of the world in LiteBringer. Join us in the official Discord for news, updates and more.






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Dad on Lockdown: Crypto Adventures

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