DYSTROPHY; ATROPHY; ENTROPY; POETRY (there is no antidote to death)

By (S)llew la Wulf | Llewella_the_poet | 24 Mar 2021

Some more poetry... Not got much else currently... This is a revised version of the poem in my last post, which I wrote à few years ago now... Wrote this last night. The final Awakening perhaps? 


 (song in background is Momo's by Connan Mockasin) 




Unravels before me like the oceans

Of time deranged. 

Nostalgia: no longer the courtesy she once gave, so I

Like Janus, now look both ways.


Unravelling, in this ancestral twine,

The souls of my defeat are soaked

Beyond skin, and as I stoop down low

To look within

(tying yellow ribbons round the silver birches of my dreams)

I find the warmth of inertia

Ushering me, softly, softly in.


Tears roll across the landscape

Of past tense incandescence

Landing somewhere beyond the silence of our dark

Where embers no longer impart 


Beginning, somewhere lost in the

Midsts of too many false starts... 

Almost begun.


And I am succumbed to this at-oneliness 

Which yields too little light. 

(You know this as well as I)

And yet this nostalgia for the fall 

(like our château cardboard) 

Is almost complete. 

As blood rains down in lava flow and dystrophy 

(I, wept weep) 

Look forward now

And memory, she sleeps... 



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(S)llew la Wulf
(S)llew la Wulf

Yet another artist screaming (colourfully) into the void. I like to dance. I write. I do self portraiture and i draw... I cover topics ranging from racial bias to female sexuality to capitalism to rape culture and of course, love ❤️


Poetic is indeed a perspective but a poem is a poem is a poem...here are some of mine.

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