A poem and some video art. Liberosis; an ache or a longing to let go

A poem and some video art. Liberosis; an ache or a longing to let go

By (S)llew la Wulf | Llewella_the_poet | 23 Oct 2019






Once upon a time

Tears rolled down the landscape

Of this heart

Landing on the souls of my feat

Beginning, somewhere lost in the

Midsts of too many false starts

Almost begun.



Out against the struggle

To keep moving forward

Tears once so fucking poignant

Lack meaning

In the grand scheme of things

That room with a view

Is crumbling

Around me

The demise of my chateau cardboard

Almost complete.


The soul of my defeat

Aches with the pain of knowing

Oh Nostalgia,

What have you done?

Unravelling the ancestral twine

Of yesterday’s tomorrow

I am almost undone.


I longed for freedom

Without knowing her full name

Dreamt of liberty each night

Immersed in a dull and

Tired pain

Liberosis; the wordless quest

I seek each morning when i

(bleached of the will to go on)


I look in the mirror

And fucking pray to anyone that’s listening

That I’m almost there.

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(S)llew la Wulf
(S)llew la Wulf

Yet another artist screaming (colourfully) into the void. I like to dance. I write. I do self portraiture and i draw... I cover topics ranging from racial bias to female sexuality to capitalism to rape culture and of course, love ❤️


Poetic is indeed a perspective but a poem is a poem is a poem...here are some of mine.

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