Why i STILL hate David Cameron...


This open letter is another i had published in the book the above link is to, along with 2 other letters, to Eric Clapton & Piers Morgan... 


This letter was written about 5 years ago... 



Dear Mr Cameron,


I have been to a meeting today in which a report on how austerity measures have impacted the people of Nottingham in the last 4.5 years was discussed. The same measures that you seemed so shocked about the repercussions of in your own (very wealthy) constituency. As you may be aware, should be aware, Nottingham is the 17th most deprived constituency in the UK... I would imagine Witney is somewhere near the most affluent. Are you equally as shocked and appalled by the impacts of your measures here in Nottingham? How aware are you even of the impacts of your measures here or in other not so affluent areas?


I am not a politician. I have no credentials and perhaps have no right to comment or tell you how to do your job but much as I get that as a society there needs to be more personal responsibility and more living within the means of the budget available... I don't get why you think it's acceptable for the most vulnerable and least culpable members of society to suffer the most...Disabled adults and children. Children from poor families. Adults on low wages. Single parent families, especially those on low wages. Refugees. Why are you forcing councils and local authorities to cut back on essential services that help to keep us, as a community safe and healthy and happy...? Why is it not the upper echelon of society that are paying more into the pot ? Oh, is it maybe because you are from that section of society and you have more sympathy for 'your own' and the desire to maintain their privileged status quo, even if it is at the expense of others. I mean, I just can't quite comprehend how bankers have been allowed to get away with all that they have for so long, why certain businesses get away without having to pay tax, Why it is that the queen has had a 7% pay rise (does she really need an extra £2 million a year?) and yet so many working people are expected to subsist on less than the living wage...not Mr Osbourne's ideas on the living wage, I mean The living wage, as worked out and agreed upon by Living Wage Foundation.. Why is it that public sector worker’s pay has been frozen for 4 years (with another 4due) when MP's have been given a 10% rise? Are you more worthy? Is your job more integral and important? Why is it that social mobility is being thwarted from every angle? We have the highest university fees here in the UK compared to Western Europe... And seeing as education is one of the best ways to scale the social and economic ladder, surely that should be priority if you actually want everyone to prosper? In Nottingham we have one of the highest rates of unemployment in the UK coupled with one of the lowest rates of pay. Roughly £5K less a year for average salary than everywhere else outside of London. How is pushing the most vulnerable people in society deeper into poverty the answer? Unless it is as simple as you just don't believe in equality, fairness and diversity...unless you believe that the people who live in and come from positions of privilege somehow deserve that status and in reflection those who are currently marginalised in society, those made vulnerable by virtue of circumstance, heritage, class, gender, being born into poverty, disability, having the temerity to be seeking refuge from fleeing horrors that you or I cannot fully comprehend, that these people also deserve this and don't deserve to be supported in engaging in that carrot on a string fallacy of 'social mobility'.


It seems you have no qualms about dropping bombs that could (I know you have weakly tried to disagree with this) and will kill innocent civilians- babies, children, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters... All strangers and statistics to you I'm sure... So it should come as no surprise that you have no qualms about destroying the fabric of our society here by increasing the gap between rich and poor to the point where huge swathes of children, families, PEOPLE will be left destitute and hopeless... All the while you and your kind will be growing fat off the backs of their, our demise... In fact, why don't you use one (poverty and destitution) to fund the other (war)? Oh, you already, not just you... All of the MP's that voted for the air strikes AND all of the people who voted for you...


You seem to suggest that you are trying to protect us as a society... By perpetuating the cycle of violence with IS and in turn helping to engender radicalisation and hatred on all sides AND funding that perpetuation, that show of power and dominance by using money you say we just don't have to make the UK a fairer more equal place for ALL. You say you want to create peace and yet you drop bombs on areas THAT WILL have civilians present. You say we have to all take responsibility, but are you prepared to take responsibility when the proverbial shit hits the fan - which it undoubtedly will... Are you willing to take responsibility for the impending crisis here in Britain? Pushing so many families and groups of people into poverty and at the same time eradicating the services that provide security and assistance to those in need. Where do you think that will end? Can you really in your heart of hearts justify any of this to yourself?


£508K per air strike is what I heard... How many air strikes till you've won David? Really...add it up, both literally and morally...



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(S)llew la Wulf
(S)llew la Wulf

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