When a mediocre, white man speaks and I respond

By (S)llew la Wulf | Llewella_la_femme | 10 Oct 2019

To complete my open letters to to men in positions of power that I wrote and had published in this book  https://www.dostoyevskywannabe.com/cities/nottingham   here is the one I wrote last year to Piers Morgan. It was just after he came out with his comment about why can't we just let boys be boys and men be men, in reference to the Gillette advert that aimed to address toxic masculinity in society. I won't ruin it for you by answering that, just read the letter, below... 


Dear Piers Morgan,

Even before you open your mouth to allow words to spill like lava from a dysentery ridden arsehole, like the blood of the innocent, like cum from a prostitutes mouth, I see a human being riding high on the back of so many positions of privilege... the smugness basically of a white, middle to upper classed, educated man... I see it and I’m arrested momentarily, lulled perhaps into a false sense (bought on by the cacophonic messages all around me, us, each and every one of us, about the importance and rightness and perfectness of someone occupying those identities) of security that you are an intelligent, well thought out and reasoned individual.

But then you speak... or write (in this particular case) and I’m reminded that there is nothing quite as remarkable as the confidence of a white mediocre man.

You suffer from the kind of poverty I find slightly painful to witness, hear, be reminded exists - yes - it brings out the snob in me - cos you seem to exist in a bubble of delusion, short sightedness and self-absorption. You are, what I would truly describe as an oxygen thief... you and many others like you who are so wrapped up in self-importance that you have lost one of the most beautiful things it is to be human...; empathy....

"Let boys be damn boys. Let men be damn men"

On the one hand, that comment could be reduced to the snivelling of child who has realised that he cannot have his own way all the time... a little tanty by an overly milk fed boy. On the other it is a dangerous assertion for someone in your position to make. A dangerous comment and response to an advert trying to address the issue, proven fucking issue we have in this society with toxic masculinity. Yes, let’s just let boys be boys and men be the men this society teaches them to be cos it’s working out just great isn’t it? Never mind what someone’s ethnicity is when they’ve engaged in violence or what the gender is of their victim. Let’s look at the proportion of perpetrators that are men. Let’s look at the statistics of rape, domestic violence... let’s look at the perpetrators of that... let’s look at the #metoo campaign... let’s listen and see if we can hear the voices of the millions of women, worldwide who have died, been abused, shafted financially, politically, spiritually, at the hands of men. Oh wait... you can’t hear most of them cos they are still living under the prevailing attitude (prevailing because it is endemic) that boys will just be boys. They are those silently oppressed.

Men like you make me feel unsafe in this world. People like you who could use your intelligence to fully understand this epidemic... understand the history of it, the hows and whys and use that to form an opinion that was well balanced and thought out. Use your privileges and position to attempt to make some changes in the world... and not simply for the women in your lives... but because you had a fully operative moral compass. But, alas...you do not... and I go back to my initial snobbery... you, Mr Morgan are poor... you suffer from a poverty of the soul that is utterly abhorrent. And inexcusable.

Signed - a woman who has spent a life time feeling the hand of toxic masculinity upon her face, up her skirt, round her throat...



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(S)llew la Wulf
(S)llew la Wulf

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