Stakecube Review

Stakecube Review

By yanis | little crypto guides | 27 May 2020

Stakecube is a pool for staking and Masternodes. Here, you can stake your cryptocurrencies and buy MN shares.



With stakecube, you can earn interests/staking rewards on your coins. The website was created in 2018, and survived to the "crypto winter".

They've their own coin called StakeCubeCoin (SCC), that is stakable and mineable.


You can register on stakecube here.


StakeCubeCoin (SCC)

StakeCubeCoin is the cryptocurrency of stakecube. It's stakable and mineable (SCC mining calculator)


Positive Facts :

- a faucet, so you can discover the pool without deposit

- a professional team

- 7% per year interest on non-stakable coins

- internal exchange


Negative Facts :

- You doesn't have the private keys (not your keys, not your coins)

- In 2018, 13 BTC were stolen from stakecube

- The layout isn't so beautiful (but the most important is inner beauty)


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