Steve Wozniak Fake BTC Giveway

When Steve Wozniak became a bitcoin scam

By Little Big | Little Big Cryptos | 10 May 2020

Today I went on YouTube. As usual, I find a lot of suggestion about cryptos... They know me 😏

Suddenly I come across a thumbnail that catches my attention, a live interview of Steve Wozniak. The title of the stream from "Wozniak Foundation" is "Steve Wozniak interview: Blockchain technology, AI, Crypto, Bitcoin BTC Halving 2020."

Wow, fantastic ! I'm so curious to know the opinion of the famous Apple co-founder about Bitcoin and the new halving. In addition, it's really the perfect timing to talk about it. 24 hours before the famous event...

So I opened the live video. The visual is divided into two parts, we can indeed attend an interview with Woz. He talks about blockchain there, his point of view is interesting (but he's not talking about halving...).

Bitcoin Live Scam

But it's the other part of the screen that catches my attention, it says "5000 BTC Giveway". OMG, FREE BTC FROM WOZNIAK FOUNDATION ?! 😱

What a generous initiative during these difficult times. It's also a great approach to popularize Bitcoin !

But wait a minute, let's read how the airdrop work...

Hum yeah, you need to send 0,1 BTC (~870$) on this beautiful Steve branded BTC address to get 0,2BTC (~1740$). It's strange that they ask to send coins for a giveway 🤔

Okay why not... let's check the comments to see if it works ...


You know what ? The comments and the chat are closed. 

Well, so let's find out information about this foundation with the URL on the video...

Fake btc giveway
The URL (which is actually a redirect) refers to an article which details how the airdrop works. Nothing special, we find the same instructions. Just a few more lines to show that there are conditions : "You can only participate once. If you try to participate more than once, your BTC will be automatically refunded."

Well that does not reassure me! ⚠️

You are fake news 

Sorry Woz, you are fake news. But it's not your fault, evil people are using the images from your 2018 conference at the LA Blockchain Summit to scamming people. I hope YouTube will do something against these (new ?) kind of scam. At the time of publication of this article, the live is still online.

To conclude, as you probably know, the world of cryptocurrency offers many opportunities to earn a few coins (faucets, airdrops ...). But be careful, in these opportunities there is a lot of scams! When the reward is too large, too easy to obtain, just don't go. Before any action, check first with a web search...

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Thanks for reading ! You also cross the fake Woz on YouTube? Don't hesitate to comment :)

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