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By Cryptotexty | Literature & Books | 8 Nov 2022

The problem of electricity shortage in Kyiv has some other side effects. Maybe I must write this in grief and sorrow - but Kyiv is very romantic these days.


[On the photos - Andriivskyi uzviz, one of the most popular tourist streets at around 7 pm.]

Never underestimate the ability of people to adapt. Kyiv citizens adopted to plan their time and activities according to the electricity shut-down schedule. People adapted to have powerbanks and to conduct electricity intense activity (i.e. washing clothes) during times of lower electricity usage. Many businesses set up generators, and places like cafes and restaurants have candles.

Kyiv is very beautiful during the autumn but candles and the lack of electricity lights make the city even more romantic. Who knows, maybe right now Kyiv is the most romantic place in the world. The war dangers even intensify this romantic feeling. "To live now and here" that's what you can hear often. Because tomorrow might never come.

Rainy days. There are always less people on the streets when it's raining. But there is no better romantic weather than the rain. Less people - more space, and you can enjoy the emptiness of this Eternal city. The emptiness of streets, the emptiness of cafes and restaurants, where you can feel that you came and booked the whole restaurant. The emptiness and the availability of free parking spaces.

Just recently paid to park was reintroduced in Kyiv, but during such cold, rainy and dark weather even the fine collectors don't come.

This will change. Winter with all its Christmas mood might arrive, but first of all, will we have a Christmas mood when our soldiers die on the frontline? How cold will it be this winter? Will you have somebody to bring you warmth? Right now in November the cold is romantic, you can still walk long distances outside and some outside terraces are still open, although you will rarely see there people.

This will change because sooner or later electricity problems will be fixed. More people will come, from other regions of Ukraine, from other countries. The economy of scale will develop and you won't see such deserted streets at 7 pm.

That's why if you look for some romantics - you need to come now.

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