Curfew (A novel)

By Cryptotexty | Literature & Books | 30 Oct 2022

It was a warm autumn day. Saturday. She decided to go party with her female friend as they had not partied for a long time. Yesterday he did not answer her all day. And only now he got in touch.

  • We are at Lviv Croissants in Podil

  • Bon appetit! What croissant did you eat? - he asks two hours later

Two hours, almost three. This is already too much, after this period of time she and her friend are already drinking beer in a bar and shooting their eyes at men. She doesn't want to answer him, because she's already a little bit drunk, and also to give him a lesson as he didn't answer all day yesterday, and now he wishes her "Bon appetit" after three hours passed... She'll answer tomorrow when she will be bored. Now it's fun, but the lights got turned off in this bar.

They decided to go to "Molodist", where you can drink and dance. She hasn't danced in a long time! Men approach her, flirt, and buy cocktails.

But the evening passes too quickly, and already this place is closing, the time is approaching 11 p.m., the curfew. She finishes a cocktail with her friend, which they took outside. A warm autumn evening on Knyaziv Ostrozkyh street, which was recently renamed, because before that it was Moscow Street. She does not know who the Ostrozhsky were, but she has decided not to communicate in muscovite language, and what's more, not to get to know those who write to her and speak in muscovite.

But the degree of drunkenness makes its own corrections - a guy with his friend, who looked at them in the bar, approach and speak Russian. He will be forgiven, because he is handsome, so young, and pumped up, and in the conversation, he tells that he went to the military commissariat, but they did not take him, because he works in IT, so they said: "Just go to work, raise the economy." It's not clear how he raises it , but he has an apartment in Kyiv - and he invites her and her friend to visit, saving them on a taxi at the night rate, this will clearly raise their economy.

PMS adds to the lust feeling, the desire, just like the fact that he hasn't responded all day. Now she won't answer that stupid question about the croissant, won't open the message at all. He knows that she is partying, and will worry even more. Because when he was in Kyiv more than once he had to pick her up at night during the curfew.

Now the new savior from the curfew, she and her girlfriend end up at his house, and there they still drink a bottle of wine. One bed - but they fit on it. While still in bed, he intensified her desire with his touches, but the girlfriend couldn't fall asleep, so they went to the kitchen.

There he puts down her skirt in a rush and fucks her doggy style. For a long time, hardy, so that she flowed and flooded the remains of her clothes and the floor.

  • It's better to wipe the floor

  • Yes, it is necessary

They wipe off and decide to continue in bed, he fucks her sideways from behind, and she turns her head to her friend and wonders if she is sleeping or just pretending. Her eyes are closed, but everything is possible.

This is a perfect end to the evening for her because she hasn't had sex in over a month. Why didn't he come for so long? It is his fault, she makes serious sacrifices for his sake - she is forced to go to work, not to sleep, because even though he has a high salary, what he allocates to her is enough only for renting an apartment, food, and cigarettes, and maybe for small parties.

In the morning, her friend goes to work, and she and this IT guy have sex all day until the evening, in the breaks they just lie down and talk. He tells her about his successes, about the fact that he bought another apartment, a bigger one, about the fact that he completed special forces courses, and about his other successes. In the evening, he pays for a taxi, which costs almost 700 hryvnias.

Already in the taxi, she looks at those messages:

  • Write to me when you are back home

  • I want you. I want you so passionately so that you will flow

  • I'm worried about you. How did you get home? How are you?

This surprised her a lot, for a moment she even thought - maybe he was somehow watching her? Or was it someone he knew? No, he is hundreds of kilometers away. And he doesn't always have internet. The girlfriend won't tell. Therefore answers:

  • Why didn't you answer me all day yesterday? I ate "Lvivsky" croissant. I am at home and sleep all day. We had a power cut and my phone went dead

For a moment, it was as if her conscience pinched her when she wrote this. But it's so easy to lie, all the more so she decided to volunteer - and give only to the military, and the one she's coming home from was almost a military one. She is also with him for a volunteer reason - the funds he gives her are not commensurate with those that others could give. Therefore, the feeling of conscience was replaced by a feeling of pride for herself - for being so attractive and able to seduce a younger, handsome boy. Dusk was starting and it was raining a little, but it was nice to go in a taxi during such weather.

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